SMALL TENT (60cm x 60cm x 140cm) Purchase list - Am i ready? (Help massively appreciated)

Ok, so i’ve made the beautiful decision to start cultivating my own herb. I am completely new, have done a lot of research and bought a lot of shit, but would like confirmation that i’ve got everything I need, or for someone with more experience to help me out.

So far I have purchased…
Tent set (60 x 60 x 140) which comes with in/out fan, timer, shitty standard light which i’ve replaced
MarsHydro 300w Light
Carbon filter system
2 x 3.8L pots
2 x 8L pots
Nutrient trio set (flora)
Ph test/adjust
Dehumidifier (no humidifier as my house is normally at around 70%, which i think is fine for germination and everything else has to be lower, correct me if i’m wrong)
Humidity/Temp gauge
Canna Terra professional plus soil

(don’t think i’ve missed anything)

One question i did have… If i’m using nutrient rich soil, how much do i need to apply the extra nutes? Do i wait until my soils not giving the plant what it needs then start adding?

I’m also curious as to how many/what pot size people would try to grow if using the tent i’m using. I was thinking of doing 2 auto’s, starting in a 3.8L and moving up to an 8L

PS sorry for my noobiness, if i had more space for a bigger tent i’d buy 10 haha.

Thanks in advance for any help, i’ve tried to get as clued up as i can before coming on the forum so as to not ask a generic “pls help me grow weed” question.



Yes you are correct.

3.8L container will do fine for each auto. They don’t live that long. If you can start them in this, they won’t have suffer transplant shock later.

You’ll need one more mars hydro for proper flowering footprint when they’re more mature.
A pesticide sprayer for watering is helpful but not needed. I use one to water all 7 of mine. It applies water/nutrients at just the right amount that it all gets absorbed without pooling and running off the side of the container.

Otherwise I think you did awesome with your list. Welcome to ILGM.


Thanks so much for the information.

2 Mars 300w’s, it says on the description it covers slightly more area than my tent, which is why i bought it.

is it the case that it would be sufficient however it would be a lot more worthwhile to get a 2nd?

And if thats the case do you think that i could set my unbranded 300w light up and just switch them round so both plants get the same quality?

Half tempted to do 3 plants if they will do the whole cycle in the 3.8s

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Also i’d like to add the sprayer was the only thing i missed off my list! I have purchased one though

I would try to put both lights in it more is better I guess

You’re in a 5x5’ tent right? Or did I miss something? You’re gonna need more light and you can also flower more than 2 plants in that space…

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My first thought was more light is needed as well

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Sorry man my tent is 60cm X 60cm and 140cm tall, pretty diddy

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I’m thinking this is a 60 cm x 60 cm x 140 cm tent? Thats like a 2’ x 2’ x 5’

EDIT… nevermind!


Ok… makes more sense now. That light will work for your space then. Get a grow under it and then see how your buds are. If you wanna push the envelope in the future with lights, tag @dbrn32 when you’re ready. Best of luck getting started! Welcome to the forum :wink::v:

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Welcome to the forum, I would recommend adding a digital TDS meter to your list along with that digital pH tester. pH and PPM maintenance are key to having a good grow.

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Is this one good @Sixpackdad

Professional TDS ppm Conductivity Meter - Quick and Easy EC TDS and Temperature Test Pen | 0-9999 ppm with ± 2% Accuracy | Perfect 3-in-1 Tester For Ro Water Aquarium Hydroponics Coffee Pool etc.

Ok thanks @Sixpackdad what about the humidity and ph digital tester last question

Check out this Idea List on Amazon: MassCanGrow - my growing supplies by MassCanGrow - Idea Lists

This is my laundry list of supplies for my grow. I don’t need a humidifier. I do use a dehumidfier

What one is it The one with four in itt

Got it 6 in one

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I’ve never seen that one before. I’d like to hear how you like it when you put it to use.

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Yea for sure it’s a 6 in one I’m trying to find something that tells everything so I don’t have f around

@TheRabbi 3.8L is ok to start with but too small for a full grow period. 3.8L converts to 1US gallon. 3 gallon (12L) pot for auto would be better in my opinion.

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