Small spiders, good or bad?

Guys since my girls got bigger occasionally I’ll find a little brown spider, maybe 18” long or a little bigger. I usually find them when I see webbing where two leaves lay across each other. I’ve been squishing them but I’m starting to think these dudes might be on my side, as I’ve found maybe 10 all season. Maybe I should be letting these guys live? I don’t have a picture yet but will try next time I see one.

As long as it isn’t spider mites, I let em ride and hope they eat them.

Now that’s a big spider. I’d let them do whatever they wanted…


hahaha, i ought to find that pic of the one on my ceiling above the woodstove…looked like a tarantula except not as thick bodied… just tip to tip of leg end circumference. I plucked him with a bb gun on 2 pumps from about 16’ away :smiley: i have gone to go squish those big wooly booger spiders and they can JUMP!!! i don’t quite scream like a girl, but i jump too :smiley:


Spiders eat bugs, not plants, always good for the gardens.

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I swear I typed 1/8” lol somebody changed it! So far just a few pests and every time I’ve found something bad a bigger badder bug has come along and helped me out. I found a couple little mite outbreaks on one plant but I think I have it under control. I have had a huge garden spider on one end for a month now, we’ve become friends. I pretty much check every budsite a couple times a day and pull things off. I did have to use spinosad when I found a couple worms the other day but that’s the only thing out of a bottle I’ve used and hope to stay that way.


I get the little hairy jumping spiders on my plants and i KNOW they’re doing me justice :wink: I had a crab spider on one earlier. I actually thought it was some kind of brown moldy or rotten spot at the junction of a fan leaf to the main stalk. I went to take my fingernail and “scratch” at it to see if it was powdery, wet, soft and rotten or what, and it threw those long front legs out at me, hahaha. I have little hobo spiders (the ones that look like they have the lil napsack on their back :wink: ) that like to put webs between my ladies out back and i know they’re doing me good too. Wish my preying mantis was still around. I need it out back now. After i cut the male out of the raised planter box this week i carefully transferred him to another in that planter box while chopping the dude down and i haven’t seen it since. it vacated…

Yeah we have a lot of lizards, we had a big hatch of young horny toads this year too, regular toads, you name it. Every time I find a praying mantis I carry that dude out there. It’s getting crowded lol! This is my first outdoor crop but I’ve done a few indoors. This has been a great experience if we make it to harvest I’ll be tossing all my creepy burple lights ugh.

Sounds like a jumping spider
They are awesome for pot plants …
The plants are the perfect environment for their ambush style of preying on insects …

They only throw out webs to aid them in jumping …leave em all

Just be sure to do a bud wash at harvest so your not ingesting spiderwebs and bug carcasses.

Anyoutside grow should be washed just for dust and dirt purposes also. Hell I was every plant I do inside also. Never know what’s laying on them. A quick wash will never hurt


But I’ve found that cat hair stuck to sticky trichomes add character

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All you’ll have to do is wash your bud (in doors or out) once and you’ll wash it every time.

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Lol Wormwood. If I don’t wash my buds, anyone with a dog allergy who sniffs the bag too hard is gonna keel. :rofl:

I’m indoors and yeah I found a cat hair(fur) on one bud

I’m not convinced I’m gonna wash it
No bugs, 1cat hair some dust I’d imagine but my girls are pristine (feel creepy just saying that)

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I use a 410 shotgun on wide choke for that job.

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from clear across the room, when i took a pic of it before shooting it with bb gun, it’s EYES, lit up in the flash…hahaha. THAT, creeped my mom and sister out more than anything, LOL

I knew I wanted a BB gun for something

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good for plinking deer in the @$$ too when they’re eating my lily shoots and other flower bed inhabitants…good for stray dogs that THINK they wanna come pick fights with these two pitbulls on their chains…good for trespassing, illiterate neighbors who ignore signage, and definitely good for big ol’ wooly booger spiders :slight_smile:

I have some pesky cans and bottles that could use plinking

Since I’m not allowed to have a real firearm (stupid non violent felony)

Ive been looking into bb/pellet guns, both the plinking kind, and the serious hunting kind, I know, it really is a thing

The hunting kind was in my price range until I decided growing weed was a good idea

Maybe next years tax return

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