Small spider and what could be an egg sac?

I found a leaf rolled up. This little white spider climbed out. When I open the leaf, it looked like the beginning of an egg sac. What is this spider? Is he harmful to my plants. An egg sac can’t be good. But generally, spiders are good, right??
White spider

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Spiders are not harmful to the plant per se, but I wouldn’t want them babies crawling around in my buds.
Just an esthetic thing for me.
Clip it and move it outside to your garden/yard.

Lol I agree with spiney spiders are actually good to have around they are predators and eat bad bugs BUT I wouldn’t want to have fifty or more crawling all over my plants especially buds

Spiders are usually solitary creatures. Once her babies hatch they will scatter to the winds. While I wouldn’t want webs all over my bud, barring that I would leave the spiders alone. They eat the other critters.

Some of my other neighbors/residents.


Thank you all of the advice!! It’s a long shot, but I thought maybe that nice spider was eating someone’s eggs. I’ll keep an eye out for more rolled leaves.

PS. I wish I had a lizard? That’s better protection than a German Sheppard. I was thinking of getting a few praying mantis… if that’s even a thing one can buy.

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Oh yeah. They sell PM egg casings. It might be too late in the season.

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I would add a few ladybugs to your wish list the two (ladybugs n praying mantis) are vicious predators and will protect your girls

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I never kill good garden spiders as they do lots of good…BUT…
This is what I dont want to see on my bud…

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This is exactly what I’m afraid of.

Luckily it’s on a huge fan leaf…easily watchable and managed once the time comes….if you’re seriously that worried I’d just clip the leaf and relocate it

or crawling on my face when I wake up.


Look at this wolf spider I saw crawling around. Those are babies its carrying on its back

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I once walked out my back patio door after some Black Widow spiders “hatched” they had spun webs all over and around the door, was covered in baby Black Widows head to toe, that was special.


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