Small Space Question

I have a grow box with door inside of a closet that I have constructed- yes a room inside of a closet for stealth purposed. Grow box is 28x27x65 and am starting to get all the needed supplied for my 1st grow. Grow room has drywall with white paint, exhaust ducting is all set to vent outside, getting exhaust fan with 300W LED light, clip fans, fabric pots and will run auto Fem seeds to start (1-2 plants). Two questions 1) Was thinking of getting a small 24x24 grow tent but am not sure that is needed 2) Not sure a passive intake will work, so was also thinking of getting a intake fan to push fresh air into the grow room and or grow tent but wanted some counsel on that.

Might be going overboard here but welcome thoughts and ideas


If you get a tent less that 4 feet x 4 feet x 80 inches tall you are literally going to hurt your crops. Plus it’s better to save up for a HLG Lights still nice the blurples on Amazon is so falsely stated many get screwed. If a light says it’s 1000 watts they are feeding you a big pile of pig feces. And I also have Ocean Front Property for sale in Nebraska.

The tent is necessary if the room you have has light leaks. If not, you won’t need a tent. With basically a 2x2 space, passive intake should work just fine. If you do decide to run an intake fan as well, make sure it is smaller or running at a lower speed than your exhaust fan.


Welcome @SmallTimeNewby !

Couple questions:

Are you using a carbon filter on the exhaust? Is that easily accessible?

Your plan seems okay, but there are a few things I’d consider.

I’d buy a Mars TS1000 light or an HLG 135 kit for that space. They’re about $140. Either will be completely perfect for your space.

I would not go with an autoflower, unless you can’t eliminate light leaks into your box.

I’d also look at other member’s successful SCROG grows, and determine if that’s something you want to do. A level canopy will help you maximize your yield, and who doesn’t want that?

Again, welcome!


Yes will be using a carbon filter for sure on the exhaust and its easily accessible. Going with fan that puts out 200 CFM which should be plenty. Still need a plan around getting in some fresh air into the bottom of the box/tent

I can eliminate all light in the area as this was already a dark closet with a single light. Will replace that white closet light with a green one so as not to have any interference,

Like the idea on SCROG and light idea. I will for sure see what others have done as max yield is what I am after

Thanks for the tips


In order to identify light leaks, sit in the space with the room light on but with all other lights off. Sit there for 20 minutes without using your phone. Any pinhole leaks will reveal themselves. Then mark them with tape before turning lights on again.

Since light leaks won’t be an issue, a photoperiod plant is going to give you absolute control over the training period. I’m not saying it cannot work with an auto, but a photo improves your odds.

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Great advise and I like the idea of sitting in the room to see if I have light leaks.

One item I did not mention the first go around is that this grow box is elevated off the floor some 3 feet so educated guess is that since this is elevated off the ground and a “closet inside a closet” light leaks should be limited. Only place that this would occur would be the grow box door area. All sides of the grow box were framed out and drywalled which is why I asked the tent question but 2x2 is truly small so I want the floor space if I did not go with a tent and need to solve the passive v active intake question. Might just line the door area with a some panda like drape to solve the potential light issues

2x2 isn’t too bad but you’re only going to want to go with a single plant. This is a grow I did in a 2x2. The tent was only 48” tall so I went with a scrog. She put out over 5oz dried.


I’m running a 2x2x4 tent, passive intake. I can comfortably grow 2 autos in 3 gallon air pots. Right now I have 3 northern lights autos going, it’s too cramped. If I can be of any help, just holler!


I like the SCOG idea for max yield due to the small size. I am going with 3 gals pots and was thinking of 2 plants max so the above counsel on 3 is welcomed. So my next question was what would be idea seed to run… Was thinking Auto Fem due to ease of doing so as a 1st timer. I am a Sativa energy type and open to that but do not want this to the 3+ month grow.

Landshark: What are you expecting to yield on each of those 3 gal Northern Lights?

If your space is light tight you wouldn’t really need a tent. Also, I wouldn’t use a green light expecting it to be fine. Leave it off too, use sparingly only as absolutely needed. Passive intake should work if its large enough and fan can move enough air.

I’m not sure since this is my first go 'round with NL. I’d like to think somewhere between 2-3 zips each when dried.

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I find a space will pretty much produce based on size. My 2x4 puts out about a pound every grow. Weather it is 6 autos in 3 gallon pots or 3 photos in 5 gallon pots. Look at the above statements. One guy get 5 to 6 zips with one plant in a 2x2 well the other grows 2, 2 to 3 zip plants. Ask ur self what better fits ur needs. Do you mind maybe using more nutes, having to maybe flush 2 plants, and being very tight. But also being new growing two plants might be good as a back up, or a learning experience if growing two strains. Lots of pros and cons.

Could you cut a small hole in the floor of your cabinet and add a screen to keep critters out or lay a small desk fan over the hole to pull fresh air into the space?

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My hope was 3 oz per plant but if I can get 4/5 with screen, then consider it done,

I am considering cutting a hole in roof of closet with intake system or cutting a hole in floor as you suggested or cutting a hole in new drywall build since I have 2x6 and running a passive systems from below the grow room build.

I also have now wired a outlet for both above the room and below should I need a fan to move air around the intake vent or pump in air via active system. This is in a basement so no critter issues but is in a dusty closet area

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