Small Space growing/managing size

I’m looking for strategies and advice on managing the size of my plants. I’m a relatively new grower and I built a DIY grow box for my stealth grows. I’ve taken two plastic storage bins, stacked them and cut a hole in the lid/bottom where they are stacked so the interior is one larger/taller space. The light is mounted to the inside of the upper lid, two computer fans are mounted to the sides to ventilate outside air in, and a carbon filter on the top lid.

Total height inside is about 36”, but the light hangs down about 5”. Pair that with the 2 gallon pot, when filled with soil the plant has about 24” of space between the top of the soil and bottom of the light. I’ve considered adding another bin, but I realize with this setup I’ll probably always need to manage plant height.

I’ve grown three autos using this setup so far with decent results. But each time when they hit the stretch phase, the tops are touching or nearly touch the light (LED). I’m considering trying photos, growing them to maybe 6-8” then flipping the light cycle.

Who’s got some strategies I might be able to employ or look into, to manage plant height, without switching to a different setup?

Ide suggest getting some photo periods and do some extreme LST even after flip during stretch continue to tie them down if LST and topping are being used I’ve notice the plants don’t stretch near as much other than that it’s all about when you flip the lights

This plant won’t be stretching much not a recent pic This was about a month ago she is much wider not much taller and I will do a heavy defol the day I put her in flower and she will stretch a few inches but nothing near what it would have grown naturally


Supercropping or “breaking” the branches to lean them over would be a good method. Also you could get 4 stakes and zip tie some sort of metal frame to act as a stand alone scrog frame.


@Teffygreenthumb This plant looks great, and I think something like this would work perfectly with my setup!

I’ve done LST with my previous grows, but no topping (as they were autos). What would you consider “extreme” LST?

I’ll look into “super cropping” as well! Thank you @imSICKkid !

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I call what I do extrem LST but that’s becuase I do it all… High stress training, topping, super cropping all while maintaining a tight LST regimen don’t do it on all of my plants but I do it to my mother plants… all other plants that are vegging waiting for space in flower chamber are just getting HST topping and super cropping I don’t have space limitations but I did grow in a 2x4 tent for awhile and had no issues keeping my plants 5-6 inches off of the pot just using LST then of course in flower they would stretch another 5-6 inches if that and would end up with a plant that’s no more than around 22 inches off of the floor… my one mother plant is quite a bit larger she has been going for several months

this is also a very flexible pheno doesn’t harden off until we’ll into flower so maintaining training through the stretch is a breeze
Edit: and I guess by extreme I really meant I don’t take it easy on my plants they can take it and they love it

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Bonsai style