Small space grow room

I am new to this forum or any forum for that matter, so I am starting this new topic in hope that I can follow it better. I posted this question earlier under another thread but could not follow it very good so I am going to ask again. I have a small grow room, 24 inches by 32 inches by 7 feet with a HGL 300l led light. I have bubblegum and bruce banner autos. How many plants should I grow?

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I agree one plant.

Beautiful animal

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Depending on what size pot you use, yes probably only 1 but if you do autos and if you can do some LST use a 3 gallon pot you Might and I stress might be able to do 2,with some luck and work, good luck help us posted on your progress

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I am using 3 gal fabric pots and just started bruce banner and bubblegum autos

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I hope you didn’t start more than one each! two is gonna be a struggle in that space honestly.

Best of Luck to you! I’ll be over here, lurking around the corner!

Just one each


That light will absolutely stuff that space full with one plant and give ya nice yeilds.
You could if you just had to have both strains at once grow 2 plants. .
You want get more bud and may infact get less but don’t top and very little LST and plant them in small like 3gal or less containers where you got a little better then a 2x2, with practice you may do ok with 2…
But you can definitely kill it with 1 plant at a time…

Yeah, you got some good training lessons in your future but hey - learn by doing!!

But everyone here is willing to chip in and help where we can!
No such thing as a stupid question!

I’ve got 3 autos and a 15" clone in a 2.3x2.3 at the moment, so I’m in a similar space.
As the plants start to flower out humidity needs to be kept low, so make sure you’ve got all the air exchange you need, It’s especially critical in an over-stuffed space like we both have.

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My Bruce Banner and Bubblegum are up.

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