Small space auto advice!

After some advice ive got a small tent 50x50x100cm due to space available mars hydro ts600 light been advised that the tent is too small so I’ve been reading the autoflower plants are good for small grows.
This will be my first indoor grow so complete newbie
Any advice would be great is it worth?
What kind of yield?
1 plant?

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So many different variables when it comes to guessing yield on plants. Lighting, nutrients all play a factor.
I would recommend a photoperiod plant, so that you’re able to change to flowering when she gets just the right size. Autoflowers will flower when they want, if that is 10cm, or 1.5 meters, nobody knows.

It can be done, no doubt. We have a solo cup challenge going right now, and there are some interesting contestants. Lol.

Happy growing.


Cheers for the input ill give it a try then hopefully I’ll get a little :slightly_smiling_face:

It sounds counter intuitive but photo is the route for that small of space. You have no control of auto’s height or flower time. If you start chopping it to manage the height, they can get wacky. Search ILGM for small plants, beginner


Cheees for that ill take a look