Small plants with weird leaves-Gorilla Glue autoflower

From a fellow grower: Gorilla Glue Auto, indoor, soil in fabric pots, PH is perfect :ok_hand:t4:, I use nothing but roots organic dry amendments and I have the whole line of nutrients and have never even burned a plant whatsoever! 18/6 light schedule, day temp 78/ night temp 68, RH 60, perfect ventilation small humidifier, and no co2 yet, THESE WERE PLANTED :seedling: 3/29 and they are mutated runts not even the size of an egg, seedlings :seedling: are mutated with crazy weird leaves and multiple sets like 3 sets of first leaves and they are like 3 weeks or more and just not growing, seem stunted,


Oh wow, that is weird. Here is my GG (last grow), also from ILGM. I’ll be curious to see how this continues to grow. If it keeps up this way, will you off it and start a different seed?


@Hellraiser one of them trefol deals. One of ur fav kinds. Mine also so far best ive grown.


The trifoliate sprouts are not a problem, I get a couple/few of them every year, they grow out just fine.

The stunting is most likely from over-watering and that sprout has the classic over-watered look, let the soil dry up in between waterings. Also the small plant, big pot combination makes over-watering too easy to do.


Became this:

White Cheese auto 3 weeks growth.