Small plants, drooping leaves


I have four White Widow Autoflower babies all showing the same signs. They are fairly small and have drooping leaves, even though they are a nice color. They have been in the soil for 11 days now. After soaking them for a day and a half and they started cracking their shells, I planted them directly in 7 gallon pots. They have two 300W LED grow lights running 24/0 and at 24" from the plants. Temp/humidity is running at 78F and 70%. My understanding is that autoflower just wants to grow and grow fast. It is all in a 4x4 grow room. I have been watering regularly but lightly. I am guessing I am watering too much. I was misting the plants as well. I live in a very dry climate. Thoughts on how to get these growing? Thanks.


Needs water?


So hard to tell with a large pot. I was watering twice a day. Each time maybe a half a cup or so per plant. The dirt feels moist, but not wet. I guess how do you tell if you are getting enough water to the plant and not soaking the full pot of soil? My first time planing seeds in a large pot so I am trying to find that right water zone.


If you haven’t watered recently that’s the issue. If you have, then the issue is it needs a break from water


@darren are u watering directly around the stem? They love humidity too maybe try a clear lunch box placed upside down ontop for a few days


@darren @Saffa is right, keeping the humidity up will help until they get a couple more leaves. Watering may also be the issue that @fever stated. I would suggest to water a ways out 2-3 inches maybe from the plant to encourage root growth. It’ll also prevent stem/root rot. Just don’t forget the roots need oxygen as well.


Those are big pots for autos. Water & mist around your girls. As stated above a dome helps greatly with humidity.


I’ve got them covered now with some food containers. I gave two of them a real nice soaking all around the plant and mostly around the pot a few inches away to see if the roots want to wander horizontally. Since I am not sure if I am under or over watering, I left the other two alone. Trying to see if I am over or under watering them. So odd. They look so good but just so small. No growth at all in almost a week. They shot up real fast and then stopped. My gut is telling me I am watering too often yet too little each time. Next time I’ll start the seedlings in a different setup. I thought autos would be fine being planted directly in 7 gal pots but from what I am seeing, I think there is value in starting the seeds in smaller pots and with a different light. I am also poking a sharpened pencil in the soil in a few places to help with getting oxygen to the roots. Hopefully this helps. Thanks everyone.


Poke hole in cups & mist, mist, mist! Whats your humidity. They love high humidity at this time around 70℅


These little plants didn’t make it. After some additional investigation, I have come to the conclusion it was the soil. Just because it says organic and looks good doesn’t mean it will work. New seeds started in grow plugs surrounded by coco coir and doing way better.


So sorry, Boo. Really sux! Have any seeds left to start again? Promise after your first harvest youre gonna be hooked! Soil doesnt have to be expensive. Theres guides to make your own. Before this forum i killed ivy, but found out if in doubt or if something mother nature wouldnt do investigate before you jump in. We All want you to succeed & want to see your girls entered in the bud of month!


Yup, got some new seeds started and they are doing way better. Giving up on traditional soil and going to coco. Thanks for the good vibes and I am excited to grow!


I love coir! Theyll want a lot of water!