Small plant bushy

This is my Northern Lights fem auto growing in bucket. Two Cfl, one 100 and another 75 watt. In some way they are small. Not growing up much. The soil is garden plant organic with coir peat mix. Water is monitored and lighting is on 18/6. Would that be a normal size or I’m missing something?

Looks to me like she is indica or mostly indica, as a indica dominant strain it is natural to be short and bushy, also means your temps are just right maybe instead light with stronger bulbs, because as plants get bigger they need brighter light to pentrate deeper and do more growing

As for not growing what are your temps, day and night, also humidity level, and what’s your ph

how old are these plants ???and yes it would be a great benefit to your plants to increase the liteing out put … ps they look good at this point …H

Hi. Yes they are Indica. Not sure about pH (must get the kit). The temp is ok as they are around 20 at night and around 25 C during the day. I did have them in smaller buckets but just replanted to bigger ones. They around 4 week’s old. Also added one 100 watt Cfl light.

How can i check or increase humidity? Would ventilation remove humid air?

Get a hydrometer or humidity/thermometer, and you’ll be able to see humidity that way also to raise humidity, get a humidifier, or even a $2 spray bottle and lightly mist your plants down 2-3 times a day, and ventilation would if the fans blow outward, other wise just keep in mind the warmer it gets the more moisture gets pulled out of the air, and when it cools down again the moisture drops, and temps at night could definatly come up temperature should only differ from 4-9 degrees

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Thank you, appreciate your advice :grinning:

Any time that’s what me and the team are here for :smile:

Co2 can help raise your humidity in veg , but to lower it you will need a dehumidifier , are you can get a cheap humidifier from Walmart or any pharmacy that’s used water to mist the air , I think they cost about $20 .

Have to have look at this. So far they are looking ok, just small. I’m using water spray bottle now to give them some environment, but may have to look for other means of monitoring. Not easy in Australia :earth_asia:.

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Yeah I can only imagine , but a humidifier online is not to expensive say eBay or Amazon , wet towels that’s damp but not dripping , misting , or using a co2 generator . That’s about all I can suggest that I know might work to help put moisture in the air in your grow space .

Hmm, I may try to use with towel :grinning:. Thanks Yoshi.

Not soaking dripping wet , but really moist and hang them as close to plant as possible . And keep spraying if needed . Another idea you might can figure out the air injection method , from what I’ve seen on the interweb , it can really help folks like you in really hot dry climates .