Small oscillating fan suggestions?


Hello! I’ve currently got an Holmes 8” lil blizzard oscillating fan in my 4x4 but really don’t like the set up.

I have it on a speaker stand in the corner of the tent and feel like it’s taking up a little more space than I would like… nothing drastic but that is space where my plants could grow!

Anyone know of any small oscillating fans that clamp to a tent rod securely? Any suggestions appreciated! Must be small and oscillating but beyond that I’m open to any ideas. Thanks guys!


@Walt80 I’m watching for suggestions, my Honeywell non-oscillating fan just crapped out within 4 months of use. I was looking at tower fans that oscillate. They don’t make’em like they used to…
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Hi @Walt80, Amazon has some good six inch clip-on fans that can attach to your indoor tent I would recommend two fans in a 4 by 4 maybe one up high and the other down low directing from opposite sides of the tent more like crisscrossing each other hope this helps :v::seedling::v:


I use 4, 6" clamp on fans i purchased on amazon. Theyre about $20 each. There are cheaper ones but theyre cheap & break in couple months.


I use Honeywell non oscillating as well. The ones with the wide base. I just clamp them up wherever with the spring loaded clamps and swivel the head. Seems to do ok.


Thanks everyone! I find the clamp fans to be kind of crappy and not secure enough. Also, oscillating seem way more efficient. Just gotta find a way to rig one up in a tent to make some floor space…


Hang it up side down if you can and use it tht way . I had 2 of thy fans and i went back to my old ones until i can russell the cash together to but a couple of vortex or ram fans ive been told thy are good. Osilating fans are good for saving space its just finding one that works the way you need it to.


Go on eBay and look up holms lil blizzard oscillating fan 8”

Got mine for $20. I just wish there was a way to get it above without a stand.

I just want that little bit more floor space


You could cut the legs or stand off and suspend it upside down might work am guessing u have a grow tent.


Yes 4x4 tent. I thought about making a v shaped pedistal out of pvc and attaching a triangular piece of plywood to it which would attach to the tent pole but it seems like an undertaking that might not prove stable enough.


@Walt80 zip ties! There so many posts about a fan falling on a plant of two. What makes it worse, is when it falls on a day beautiful cola, that’s not close to being done, and no chance of recovery.
@dbrn32 I am hoping it may have just needed a cool down period, but it wouldn’t even turn with assistance with it on high. I’m thinking those tall skinny fans and securing it to a tent pole.


Sounds like bad capacitor to me. It sat and hummed a little, but took off when you gave it a little spin? @Covertgrower


@dbrn32 didn’t think it had a capacitor but I didn’t look. I gave it a spin, and went as far as I gave it assistance plus a 1/16th of a spin. Then hummed. You bring up a good point if it really does have a capacitor. I’ll plug it in and check again when I get home.


Eh, if it was just capacitor it should’ve taken off after you gave it a spin. To be honest, I’m not sure it does have a cap, But it wouldn’t surprise me. Not as convinced that’s an issue anymore either haha.


I use extreme 30 inch metal industrial non oscillating fans pointed at the ceiling as indurect air … they luv it… fans last up to 3 years… always on… no , on , off timers… constant… :wink:
Might be to big for some spaces… :wink:
Lil fans suck… :wink:
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Mainstay 6in clip on fans at wally world
$8 . Use zip ties to make sure there secure. I have 6 . The first one I bought are still running. 24-7 2 speed . Cheap and effective


Mine did tht then got new one shipped and tht thing just about went on fire in my last grow so am like na use a normal fan. If i had the money for them i would go for vortex or ram just my preference tho.