Small Light Suggestion

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

I am looking for a small very energy efficient light to grow 1 plant under. Autoflower, no tent, living room or workshop. Also what would you suggest for minimum wattage.


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There’s a bunch of cheap little ones out there but I would go with a well known company like viparspectra they have a 100w with a 2x2 foot coverage that would work for 75 bucks US and one a little bit bigger at 150w I think it’s just over 100 IMHO it’s probably the best thing out there if you don’t want to spend a lot the 100w will do a small to medium plant and the 150w obviously will do a bigger one


It’s all about how much $ you want to spend. I’m new and on budget and have a viparspec xs1500 if u go viparspec recommend there new series XS names brand components mine is doing great for 120 ish also have a spider farm sf-1000 both on a plant have not harvested yet but so far so good both have decent reviews , check out this site, have 3rd party test on a few cheaper lights, good luck

https://. www. cocoforcannabis. com/. grow-light-guide/viparspectra-xs-1500-par-test-review/


HLG 135 rspec kit would be my recommendation.

The umols/$ and running cost vs umols is exceptionally higher than the aboves. But also a little more expensive initially.

Also observe spectrums.