Small hydro setup

A question from a fellow grower:

Im wanting to try out a small hydroponic grow. It would be my first time trying hydroponics and i didnt wont to spend more than 150 dollars. What would u suggest?

Does your $150 budget include lights? Or do you own lights? Do you own a tent, or have a grow space? If you’re only looking for advice on a hydro setup, I’d recommend the General Hydroponics Water farm kit. Look through the threads on here and you’ll see a thread specifically for that model of DWC bucket. They go for around $60 for one bucket, which will grow one plant.


you could google auto pots, they are a cheap hydro set up , for outside or in, if inside just need your lights, sorry didn’t look at when it was posted. a bit late lol

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Hey @Coltfire send us some pics of those auto pots … Please thks


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@peachfuzz I have some up in hydroponic systems, or just google auto pots

I am also wanting to try a hydroponics tent. I am searched potfarmersmart and wanted to try one of theirs. Has anyone had success using a hydro system?
Its a complete 2 x 3 (36″x22″x63″) Grow Tent Package With 250-Watt HPS Grow Light + DWC Hydroponic System & Advanced Nutrients51-pl74YjmL