Small holes on leaves

I switched my gold leaf to the dark cycle about two weeks ago, and I am seeing a few small holes on the top of some of the leaves. Not many, there are no signs of pests, it isn’t close to the grow lights, for the most part it looks healthy, but want to make sure this doesn’t persist.

Any ideas? Thank you

Can you upload a picture in natural light or anything but the pink led lights please

front and back side shown of leaf against white paper, you can zoom in and see, however, no signs of pests

thank you

Are you a soil grower?

It is pests… something is eating your babies… :wink:


Yes, and indoor

Hmm, that really looks like some kind of bug. I think you should check again very thoroughly for pests.

That’s what I was thinking. They may be tiny @jp

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If at all possible. Use a light on the top side of EACH leaf. And look from the bottom. Inspect stem areas and if no sign a quick dirt glance wont hurt. Definitely looks like a pest. And if that happened overnight more like a FEW pests. Some are small and look like dirt… be diligent

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Thanks all — I will look in the morning when the lights come on. We had really small bugs on an older batch 6 months ago, I could clearly see really tiny bugs underneath moving. Since I didn’t see that (or anything), I thought I was safe.

What spray (or water treatment). is recommend?

Neem oil … or greencleaner… I like to use both… not together… one week neem oil and next week greencleaner… :wink:


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Diatomaceous Earth is another great bug killer. I use it and neem oil spray. In fact I use neem from the beginning as a preventative.

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