Small harvest WW auto

White widow auto it ran 135 days.


Did it start flowering shortly after germination? :wink:

28 days she was starting

Small harvest BIG buds. 135 days is a long grow for an auto. I’ve had some WWA run 105 and thought that was long. It is timely you posted the pictures. I have one WWA going now on day 74 and was noticing how pronounced the individual calyx are on her. Your picture very much shows the same thing. My plant is barely 18" and is getting some of those fat round calyx

I doubt she will make 135 days.


how much dry weight did you pull of that and what type of lights are you using. Looking damn good from my chair. Atta Boy!

It was a crazy plant.Still had a lot of clear tric’s very few amber

Don’t know about weight yet.I been using hydro crunch 600’s