Small Grow with Blue Red Leds

A question from a fellow grower:

Do you have any data on growing with Leds?

I currently have two small plants under a 45w red/blue led. I have a second light ordered, so one per plant. I am also supplementing with sunlight for a few hours a day.

Second question. One of the plants has a few brown spots, and the leaves are looking a little yellow. Research suggests possibly lacking in several nutrients or the wrong ph. I tested the soil and got 6.5 ph reading. The next time I water, I am going to use plain water that tests here as 7.0 ph.

I have been fertilizing with Dyna-Gro “Grow” 7-9-5. The plants are in Happy Frog soil. The good plant is 3" tall, the one with spots is 2" tall. They sprouted within two days of each other.

Any suggestions? This is the bubblegum strain.

Yea I have a couple, change then nutrient base if they aren’t in flower, your N needs to be higher the the P-K, while in veg nitrogen is always supposed to be higher than phosphorus and potassium, in flower that’s when that stuff your using would do good.

Sounds like a nitrogen deficiency with a CaMg deficiency(calcium magnesium)


Well, this sucks. I tried to download the chart three times and all failed. This is the kind of chart I’ve been looking for instead of the ones that just show individual leaves. I also like how it shows symptoms of both too little and too much.

Any suggestions from the tech savvy?

Hi, right click on mouse, open image to new tab, then on your keyboard press control c ( at the same time ) then control p. That should do it. Hope this helps.

Take care.


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I can send it to you in a pm

Not really. My only access is by smart phone. There’s some irony in that title for this stupid thing! Lol


Yea sure thing I’m on it

I appreciate it. I plan on having it printed as a poster in front of my supplies.

Not a bad idea, I have it in my gallery in my phone so if I need a refrence I pull up my pictures, as for the smart phone maybe hold your finger on the picture for 3 seconds and release, it might give you an option to save it download picture

I know what you mean lol.

How do you send a pm from this site?.

Click on your little icon in the right corner, and you should see a little envelope, click that envelope and you should see a “new message” button click that and you should see the rest there

Thanks for your help.

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Your welcome :smile: