Small Grow Tent Temp

I am totally new to all this and just got my first few seeds. I know this topic has been talked to death, but in the short my tent is very small (“27"x 27” x 62") and is staying around 82 F with about 45% humidity. I am wondering if I am good to just run with what I have or if I should really try to get it down below 80. I am only growing three plants. I ordered a bag of Exhale - Homegrown CO2 for Your Indoor Plants. That is supposed to help with plants in higher temperatures. I have the spider tent setup with SF-1000 Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Samsung Diodes & MeanWell Driver. I have that running at full strength and 30 inches from my seedling. It sprouted in water and is now in soil. I was only going to do two plants but I ended up with a mystery seed from a friend and it sprouted. The mystery seed at least let me test out my setup before I got my ILGM order which came extremely fast and are in water now.

I have a few things to button up but I think everything feels right. Only concern right now is the temp.

Thanks in advance!

  1. you are good up to 85-86

  2. With all the reading and learning I’ve done, c02 probably won’t benefit you. If you want to know why search this site for c02 topics. Some consider the exhale bags a cash grab.
    -need a sealed environment
    -need extreme lighting

  3. I hate to say it but the sf1000 really is not enough power for 27x27. It’ll work, but consider adding another. Would work for a single plant in a 24x24 with netting.

  4. Start a journal, and tag away.

Happy growing.


Welcome to the growing community ! your temperature is fine your space is perfect for one big plant or two small plants. 3 is going to be tight.
Good luck :+1::v:


For that light, c02 will do nothing. You need to have high intensity of light and that light won’t do it. Even with my 2 HLG lights c02 wouldn’t help me.

Welcome to the community.

Those temp range is fine.


Yeah man, look I got the same step up 27,27,63 from spider farm tent light exhaust fan. I’m new and thought that would be enough, was wrong, the sf-1000 can do 1 plant only draws 94 watts, u will need another light also u will need more space. Here are my 3, 1 month old Monday, using 5 gallon fabric pots and already getting little crowded, also don’t laugh first attempt at LST, sorry to tell u for 3 u will need more light, and more space, which equals spending more $ sorry, like said in same boat now with u

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The 1 plant on left side almost directly under sf-1000 Ruining 100% 17-18 inches from top other 2 under viparspec xs1500 but u can tell hoping the coverage of both lights overlap. I have 27 inch space and 24inches of QB boards, saving up $ for bigger tent and 1 good light but is expensive good luck

Thanks for all the advice. I am going to drop down to two plants and also purchase another light. I am thinking if I run two of the same lights in that 27x27 then I could grow a constant 2 plants in it. Then I will plan to do another larger setup.

Welcome to the community. Like the others said.

Did anyone mention fans and air movement. The best source of C02 is fresh air. Lots of it. Open up the tent’s bottom intake and have a fan circulating the air.

Keep reading and doing your research but unless u train 2 plants very well on this forum u will see 1 good plant will take up most of your 27x27 space. From what I understand u want to keep space between plants to allow for better air flow which eliminates other problems u could run into. No branches and leaves really hanging over into another pot. If in the pictures it looks like theres extra room in there, it’s wrong no room at all, for me to water or doing anything with them I have to take them out of the tent, 1 at a time. I know that’s a lot of bad news sorry I wish some one would had told me sooner, there so many great people who can help u and me on this forum just keep reading and roll with it, have fun it’s an adventure yeah

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Thanks to bringing up the air flow. I did buy a iPower 4 Inch Ventilation Booster Fan with Speed Controller for Grow Tent, Basements, Workshops, HVAC Exhaust and Intake, 4". I have it feeding into the bottom hole on my tent. The kit came with an exhaust setup. So just an intake and exhaust fan. No other internal fan. I also bought a SmartDevil Small Humidifiers, 500ml Desk Humidifiers. I refill that daily and it runs while the lights are on. So right now that is my setup. I have the fox farm ocean soil. Some Fox farm liquid nutrients, which I haven’t used yet. Also some PH up and PH down and a PH tester.

My next upgrade will be a duplicate light which I will order next week. I will run with that for my first grow of two plants. My goal is just two healthy plants and anything over 2oz per plant would be nice. Then I will scale my operation up.

Thanks for the info, but never bad news. The tent could always be used to house just a mother plant or maybe for seedlings, or drying. Who knows, but even if we learn to grow just one plant properly. Then we learn all the details needed to scale up. Could you imagine 2k in lights and come to find out you made a choice error. I mean the kit wasn’t cheap but it also didn’t break the bank. We can’t all start as Walter White.

I suspect for possibly two in that spot is going to require proper bending and pruning.

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Great attitude to have, im keeping my tent going to use for drying, and my wife will do some small vegs and herbs. Don’t know ur budget but ask around have seem some good pics of plant using spider farm lights, the extra light I got viparspec xs1500 Samsung dio, meanwell driver 130 dollars if light shopping look at

They have quite a few lights they third party test and tell u best distance to hang for optimal efficiency.
Also tip I found out later don’t worry about putting on carbon filter now leave off if you tent gets to hot can move way more air with it off, in week 4 and have no smell yet, hope this help best of luck