Small grow space

I’m thinkin about using my cloner box to grow my autos in since the fan quit on me in the bigger box. The one I’m thinkin of using is 2ft tall, with only about 12 inches once I get the lights and my grow system in it. Now that being said, I know I would have to do some serious lst and trainin on them, but could this space work until I figure out the other more larger box?

As a temporary space yes that would work @Hawkeye_diesel

Appreciate it toker. I got the other box fixed, but I need to get a little bit bigger fan.

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Got any old gaming systems?

Unfortunately no, just my 360 thay I use. I’m gonna pick one up on payday off amazon

Well damn I guess better than than never lol

It’s all good brother, it’s working now. The temp is hanging around ±81.