Small flowers issue

Hello guys,

I believe I’m facing slow flowering or the flowers are too small. My plant leaves and size look big enough though. The age is now 7-8 weeks from sprout but the flowers are still small. May you help?


Type, Bag seed, or NA
Autoflower NL

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
Soil in pot

Age from sprout?
7-8 weeks

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
650-700 ppm

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?
Indoor with CFL lights

Temps; Day, Night
20 - 24 c
Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
No, the room has window :slight_smile:

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
None, I’m using heat light to maintain the temp

Co2; Yes, No

I would be willing to bet you don’t have enough light your plants healthy and looking nice what watt cfl you using


I’m using 4 lamps, each of 200w output


Hope this helps

You should be using 600 watt or better. Here I have some excellent info for ya on light spectrum

Metal Halide grow lights contain a lot of light in the blue spectrum,
and are well-suited to vegetative growth

Blue light is very important. Without at least some amount of blue light,
most plants won’t grow normally. The plant has several different ways it
measures blue light, and they each have their own effects. For example,
when you see a plant growing towards the light, it’s actually only responding
to just the blue light. Without any blue, the plant wouldn’t know where to grow!

Blue light also has an effect on how stems and leaves tend to grow. Seedlings
and plants given plenty of blue light tend to stay short, with short stems and
squat growth. They tend to grow big leaves and spread them out.

It’s often recommended for cannabis growers to use bright white fluorescents
or metal halide grow lights during the vegetative stage since the extra levels
of blue help keep young plants from growing tall and lanky, and encourages lots
of leafy growth.

A bright white fluorescent light (6400k) contains a lot of blue light, which
can be a good choice for the vegetative stage.Blue light also works together
with red light to help the plant “know” whether it’s day or night time, and
help set circadian rhythms. You may notice that cannabis plants start drooping
right before the lights go off each day, and they start perking up right when
lights come on. This is a way for the plant to save energy while it’s “sleeping.”
Since the blue in the light helps it “know” the time schedule, it will prepare
as best it can for lights-out and lights-on.

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Looks to be just coming in to flower. Give it more time and love. It will come around.

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What time schedule for the lights are you at?

Thanks guys. The lights schedule is 24/7 since its autoflower. Many adviced that this should actually increase the yeild.

@garrigan62 if my light is not enough, i think the whole plant leaves would be affected as well not only buds, no?

I’d try flipping it to 12/12 light schedule I think you may have a photo plant by mistake.

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Ya, not only would had your buds been bigger but the leaf’s on your plant would have been green larger and more of them. You see the leaf’s act as solar panels bringing in energy to the plant which uses that energy to produce not only more leaf’s but more buds and bigger buds as well -Larger buds = larger yield.


200w actual draw, or 200w “equivalent”?

I’d switch to 12/12 for a week or two, then 18/6. Even autos need some rest.

@talal can you post close up of the “flowers” it looks like that is new vegitative growth. I don’t see any pistols which is why I mentioned that I believe it’s a photo plant. And suggested to put on a 12/12 schedule.

Equivalent to 200w is the output.

Here are some pics. I also noted yellow leaves at the bottom.
@garrigan62 may you also check these please?

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I could be wrong so wait till @garrigan62 responds but I think you have a photo plant. But I bet if you switched to 12/12 it will start to pistol out in about a week. Just my opinion @MattyBear?

I see pistils coming out. Was that the question?


Ok. Thanks for the help.

The question was why it seems very small while age of plant is 7–8 weeks. Is this size normal for autoflower?

Looks like it’s on schedule to me. Autos don’t typically get as large as photoperiod plants

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