Small dehumidifier suggestions

I need to get a dehumidifier for my tent soon. Looking for recommendations. Which ones are being used. Is there one that’s more popular among the growers here? Need it to be pretty compact as I dont have an abundance of room in my 36x20 tent

I’m hearing that those little dehumidifiers are pretty useless, seems like you’d be better off with a larger unit to dehumidify the room the tent is in.


The tent is sitting in my unfinished basement. Was hoping to find something for the tent.

Dessicant dehumidifiers will drop your RH lower than the compressor type. I run two
14 ltr and they won’t go lower than 50%. They’re in the room the tent is in and it works well for me

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You are much better off conditioning the room the tent is sitting in and letting it pull that air in. Otherwise, your dehumidifier inside the tent has to work that much harder constantly conditioning the air that is being pulled in. Get yourself a nice 30-50 pint dehumidifer for the basement.

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