Small crickets eating my plants


I have both inside and outside plants but the outside ones have small crickets eating them and puting big holes in the leaves i saw them an i pluck them off of it but this is my first time getting this far into growing theses plants and someone told me to use chopped garlic it seens to work but i wanna know if theres any other stuff i can use so ny grow site doesnt smell like garlic everday wen i check on them


You can use a pepper spray, or an insecticidal soap.

diatomaceous Earth.Food Grade Codex; Is another extremely versatile product you can use to combat pests.


Can i get that soap at any walmart or order it? And what pepper spray should i use wich one works best and i was gonna use some codex but im trying to stay away from any harsh cemicals


You find a good pepper spray recipe, and make your own. Very easy . :twisted:

Yes; You should be able to get organic insecticidal soap at Wally’s. Make sure you buy a product that states on the label; "This product is safe to use on vegetables, and/or, edible plants. Follow the directions, and you should be fine.

One final note: I would not want to use anything like this within 3 weeks of flush, or,harvest. Hope this helps.