Small Colas @ week 6?


Is that normal? Small Buds at week 6? I give her 2 gals nutes (npk 1-2-2) every 4 days. Water temperature is 19°C.



She will most defo fatten up give her time…she does most the bulking up in the last 2weeks…love looking girls you have there :heart_eyes:


They look great to me. Keep doing what your doing…


Remember that depending on the strain they have different flowering time tables. If it is a 10 week flower strain you can expect a lot more bud to come when they start to fatten up. They are looking good for 6 weeks.


ok thx. This strain needs 9 weeks. I think 10 weeks will be ok. 4 colas are realy big but the another colas are smaller. One of my Clones has much biger cola as my Mother Plant.Maybe i give her some molasses.


My problem is, i can’t check my runn off (ppm level) so i don’t know how much food my plant needs. My solution is, to check pH (runn off) and see how much nutriens she needs. Maybe i need to flush one more time…


Why can’t you check ppm ?
Lack of a meter ?
Remember that the time tables are general also and each individual plant may vary a bit and need a little extra time
Youve gotten good advice from all the members
Your girls look good so i wouldn’t panic


i just don’t have ppm meter…im trying to avoid nute burn. some leaves are yellow, i overfeed her a little bit


I suggest you obtain one :point_up:
Its good to know where your at ?


Don’t worry about that. I flushed my plants now. For the next 5 days…no food and no water.


REALLY GOOD IDEA to have a PH n PPM meter set. $20 all over the internet.


i have ph meter only


Keep doing what youre doing! Looking good! Weight will come.


@Laurap yeah sure…easy peasy DUDE, i can controll it with my mind for sure…no problemo senor i got the power of Heracles :muscle:


@Wildwest here more pics


Hardest time for me is waiting for harvest. Have i gone long enough? What if ive gone too long? Should i go ahead & drop beans for next grow? Drives me crazy! Im 2-3 weeks from harvest & gonna lose my mind! I need these to finish as i need to get a crystal going. I use her for tinctures & didnt grow one this time as i truly didnt quite believe that cannabis could help unless smoked or eaten. Buzz only when i first started. Then i started reading, listening & have found tinctures & all things cannabis are the Bomb!


ha ha ha…2 or 3 weeks are not bad…the last week is very AMAZING :hear_no_evil: