Small, cheap lights for 5 autos

A question form a fellow grower:

What light system would you recommend for a small grow say 5 autos? Cheapest way would be best

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CFL might be your best option or T-5 tubes .

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A mh-hps light u can get a 400watt off ebay for 88 to 140 dollars but a 400watt hps mh light would grow 5 auto’s to be the best they can be u can’t compare cfls or t5 lights to a hps an plus if u used cfls on 5 plants u would need lots of them an a good t5 unit like a 4 foot 12 blub system is 160 dollars an it can’t put out the light like a hps.
I would say go for hps-mh light to get more lumens an more pentation

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U need close to a 100 watts per plant or 8000 lumens is a good example to go by an u can maybe push it sometimeS an ads a plant or two more if need be.
Hope this helps u cause it helped me when I first started

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It’s all about watts an lumens the more u have more bud u will grow as long as u feed them lightly start when they get 3 week’s old feed for first time half strength auto’s can’t take alot of nuitunts if u keep your feeding simple and lights strong u will grow all year long an keep good bud I’ve had great success with two 400watt hps mh lights an on autos u can use the hps blub the whole time seed to harvest if heat isn’t going to be a problem but it’s almost winter time an I don’t have no heat problems but fans can control it also

Hi I got a 400 watt dimmable digital mh -hps in a kit with everything you need for 109.00 dollars to my took about seven or eight day from Apollo horticulture.

Hey I got question I got 5 Northern Light auto flowering plants I had em outside in pots but it’s getting to cold and there no were near ready. I’m gonna bring em nside. The question is if I buy the Mars Hydro 300w LED light will that be OK for me???

Id suggest a 400 hps. Thats what i use. It works great for me and i got it for $70 Australian dollars. They do run hot so you need a cheap osilating fan also to stop hot spots.
I bought cheap leds for my first grow and bought more n more. Wasted my money big time. Got my hps and never looked back.
But my leds i got were crappy as. Not like a mars or equivalent.