Small buds on Bergman’s Gold Leaf

First post here. Only my second grow ever and my first fem (other was auto). Using a Grobo. On day 43 of flower. Buds just look so small compared to photos I have seen online. Too many bud sites? Too far from light? Shit happens?

Let’s see if I can post photos


Just because you see a photo that doesn’t mean like the plant is gonna do that by itself, normally all those pics are from professional growers…


What app are you using?

Also @BeeDubya goldleaf does the best outdoor. Inside its a little more tricky. Outside the plants get huge its easy to grow and the yield is amazing. Inside it still does good but its more of an outdoor strain.

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I’ve grown about 20 of the ILGM White widows. And have yet to get one that looks like the stock photo. There are to many variables to make a fair comparison. Lights , nutrients , co2 vs no co2 etc. the biggest variable being pheno types that get expressed . Every seed is it’s own plant . Your grow looks great, healthy and frosty👍


@Dieselgrow1031 using the Grobo app.

Your box is something like 14"x14" wide right? Looking at your pics its difficult to reference the actual size of your buds.

This possible. If everything else about a grow is the same, more bud sites will usually smaller buds.

Could be true as well, or just a small light. Do you have any information on the light included with these?

Probably most likely. Your plants look healthy, that is always good. Could be genetic trait, any of the issues you mentioned, temperature, nutrients, or who knows what.