Small brown spots on leafs

Need Help!
Are there anyone who can help detect what deficiency this maybe. Small brown spots on several leafs through out plant. Here is a run down.
pH 6.0
Water 72
Humidity 74
Lights approx. 18 in. Led
I m guessing magense? They are starting wk 6 flower

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Looks like what I’ve been dealing with past few days.
I am in pseudo or passive hydro.
I think it’s more similar to a calcium deficiency (cal/mag)
What I am finding is I was running 6-6.2 ph and in coco/hydro, the sweet spot for calcium is 5.8 or even lower.
I have similar looking leaves on two auto’s in week 5 of flower.
Ton’s of cal/mag in every mix but still deficiency like symptoms.
I believe you may have what I THINK I have and that is calcium lockout due to ph.

Welcome and we can get some others in here.
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That’s what I’m seeing is cal def

Rdwc here… but in veg I like to run a ph of 5.6 to 6.2 and in flower 5.2 to 5.8… with a good feeding regimen + cal-mag and never see this issue … :thinking:
Just thought I would share… :grin:



Like @peachfuzz said I am also rdwc looks like cal mag dif but I like flower 5.7-6.2 and veg I do 5.5-6.5 and my sweet spot is 5.7-6.1

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Cal/Mag is some amazing stuff for sure