Small Batch Edible for 4/20 😎

In preparation for 4/20 tomorrow, I’m looking to make myself a tasty treat! This will not be shared with a bunch of people, only me and a little bit for my lady. I’m just looking to get a little off my rocker tomorrow! My tolerance is rather high due to my concentrate consumption :sweat_smile: Usually .6 - 1g a day. So. I was hoping you guys could maybe help out in the best way to do this!

Got an oz of Banana punch, I’m wanting to keep most of that for smoking purposes because the flavor is killer, but I’m wanting to put about 7g into the edible.

I plan on using coconut oil.

I’ve got a convection oven, a skillet, a crockpot, strainer, and a couple other random things as well.

I do not have any alcohol or anything like that but could possibly go buy some tonight before the stores close down.

So with all that info in mind! What do you guys think would be the best way to make an edible that just puts me on my ass? :joy:

@blackthumbbetty figured this would be right up your alley :grin:

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Watching sounds interesting

Yeah Betty just explained to me what qwet was and now I learned a new process, should be interesting.

7 grams in coconut oil…hmmmm.

For me, if I did an infusion, one oz would make 16 servings. If I do an extraction, one oz will make me about 60 servings.

For an infusion of 7 grams of bud, you might get 4 doses.


Right on! What exactly would be the best way to do the infusion into the coconut oil with the 7g with the equipment I have?

I was just hoping to eat some herb today, but I know it can be kind of a process sometimes.

Would I basically just decarb the bud, then cook it at a low temperature in the coconut oil?

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Yep. That’s how easy it is. :grinning:

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