Small Auto flower plants

All of my plants are short, 18-22 inches, inside and out, flowering after 6 weeks. The quality is Great, just hoping for more of it.

That’s not short for an auto. Some strains are taller some shorter. Your right around stretch time if you’re they’re not in it now. My autos typically double in width with LST and my heights peak at around 24”-30”. You’re doing good, pics would help. :love_you_gesture:


Current plant is almost 9 weeks old (4 wks flowering) and is 16" to the tallest cola. She is a beast in girth! Heavy LST produced about 13 large budding locations. She has the potential to be a beast! Just added a new light, so let’s see what impact that has on her.

You plants at that height are probably right on for autos as @OGIncognito stated.

Some pics may help to see any potential issues.

Continued success.

That’s about what my auto grows grow too. Excellent job on the mister width. I’ve learned that LST on autos has a reduced time to train her for obvious reasons. I’m growing a Sour D that is stubborn as hell so I didn’t tip of fimm, going to try and grow her in a spiral, will be tricky with an auto and time to keep her tied down growing in the spiral :pray:. @TheWolff1 are you training her?

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never grown auto’s before, topped 1, turned out great, just concerned about size. ( My Wife says size matters) :slight_smile:

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New to Auto’s, TY

That’s hilarious and familiar. They’re doing great brother. A few pics and we could get a better idea. Are you training the side branches to create more bud sites?

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Autos kinda do what they want! Right now I have a Blueberry 4 weeks into flower and it’s about 24 inches, but has massive buds going on. Along side of her, is an AMNESIA HAZE ,that is same age but is 42 inches tall and only 2 weeks into flower. And rounding out the grow is my Northern Lights. She’s 30 inches tall. She gave me nervous fits. Soaked over nite, had a tail next morn. Put in soil, and 9 days later, I had a baby.
So, ya never know. Some stay small, some get large.

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I took off the 1st 4 branches on the 1st grow indoors, just left the others alone. The outdoor plants I only took off the bottom 2, and the leaves at the end of each branch. I’ll take some pics, Sun is just getting above the trees.

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Very true!

My autos usually get between 4 and 6 feet tall without major stretch. I just took 2 doen that were 4 feet tall and about 3 feet round at biggest part. Autos do grow big. U want some big aitos white widow autos get huge. Zkittlez autos get taller. Mine do anyways. Had one stretch to 6 feet only got 3 oz from that one but i usually get 3 to 5 oz per auto

Are those indoors? That’s a nice height. I wish I could grow outdoors but I’m in the Bible Belt so discreet closets grows is what I have to do. I’ve stuffed 6 autos in a closet 32” x 38”, height is no problem at 8 feet.

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My 1st were, now outdoors. How far away from the plants do you keep the light in the 1st 2 weeks ? I was told 4-6 inches, 1000 watt bulb, LED, low setting. If you keep it farther away they will stretch.

How far away are you putting the light in the 1st 2 weeks ?

I run 2 1000 watts for veg and flower, I run a Mars hydro 600 for the 1st several weeks after 2 weeks as a seedling. I start at 24-30” after their 1st 2 weeks and lower as they get taller of I see signs of stretching for the light. They’re under a dome and fluorescent light for the 1st 2 weeks. Around week 4 I expose them to the 1000 watts and I leave the 600 in there as well. Just how I run it, several growers have better set ups but this works for me.

Nice, I run both also, read to put lights closer, but I’m going to try stretching them next time. I was gone a couple of days, my outside auto’s are getting bigger, grew inches while I was gone, excited to see what the next few days brings. Thanks for the info, have a Great Day !

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Now i keep them as compact as possible. But before id have a 2 inch spacing between nodes. One got out of hand on me being a baby and others growing so i let one be and she stretched bad was long and leggy as hell. A zkittlez of course it was. My smallest zkit was i believe 4.5 feet tall all widows get about 4 feet and like 3 to 4 feet round with a million off branches lol. Dont even know how to tie them up usually lol

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If u keep close node spacing it will grow into one bigger cola not a bunch of smaller buds. Thats why everyone keep the stretch down bigger colas vs smaller buds.


@OGIncognito I’ve seen this everywhere, but I’m finally going to ask. Is lst when you tie down your plant? I’m in my first grow and I’m also doing autos. I’m in my 5th week now. When do you tie them down?

Do you have holes in the bottom of those buckets.