Slowly transitioning light timing?

Has anyone ever tried slowly transitioning their indoor light system from 18/ 6 to 12/12, like adding an hour of dark to your timer every night for 6 nights until you are at 12/12? I am a new grower a month into my first ever grow. I tried this when I transitioned my seedlings from 24 light tho 18/6…or is this just silly?


Far easier to just make the switch.
Never had any issues myself :+1:


I’m of the same mind.


I don’t know that there is a benefit to be had from it. Though i could be very easily convinced that there was some benefit.

I do believe there is absolutely no problem with it and I don’t see a mechanism of how ot could harm in anyway…

It would be more natural i would think to conditions out side in nature :man_shrugging:

I’ve never done it, i typically just switch it…

Certainly there is not any issue with no phase, but what I will say is my girls are sooooo happy at 33 days that maybe had something to do with it?

I think Mr Grow it and Dr Bugbee talked about it on a recent podcast. It was a pretty good one, you should look it up.

It’s an interesting question. Outside plants seem to need an extra month or so of flowering time when compared to growing them indoor. Of course they’re adding new flower sites during that time for nice long colas.

Maybe it depends on your goals? If you don’t mind potentially a later harvest date, in trade for longer colas? This might be something I need to try… :thinking: :nerd_face:

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Ha!!! I have never actually listened to a podcast. Perhaps I will try…