Slowing down veg

Have a flower tent full with Beautiful buds but only on week 5 of flowering so it’ll still be a minute till space is available. To assert a perpetual harvest I had seedlings on standby. Had a few makes that I killed and received adoption plants that were stunted and slow after giving them my special methods and in a fresh new pot with my special soil mix and nutes it has exploded and is now getting to tall this won’t be a le to flower for over a month. All my plants I trained top or dim so there squat and bushy but these plants have genetics I want but all ready teens with very large hollow stems. The plan was to top everything once the tent is open to set it under the trellis but at this rate it’s the size of one of my fully developed flowering plants. As I can see I tried to fem as an attempt to fem but it was all ready 3.5ft tall Ideas??

This is what they I wanted my veg plants in standby to look like

Notice it’s elevated atleast 2.5feet on a bench yet has 5 Branch’s and us no more than 3ft tall because I always fem top or lst

Don’t crowd your plants.

Lower temps and lower rh will slow things down, but at what cost?

Might have to sacrifice the week. :cry:
Or get another tent. :+1:

I pushed them in for the pic there humdity is decent I will have a tent for them but it will be another month before I have it in my hands. The strains are super desired specific plants that I want like this one for example is lemon bannanna sherbet.

This is my main financial investment at the moment been a large investment in time and money getting it started[Uploading: IMG_20200726_043445975_HDR.jpg…](

Put them in a windowsill, put them on a porch, put them anywhere they get enough light. Just don’t jam them up in a small tent.

This is flower tent like I said squeezed together for the pic they all have lights but I don’t have any way to flower it yet it’s just the two tall ones I’m worried about. Maybe once I get it in the flower tent I can top it again cut it down several nodes and just give it a lil time before it heal then let it flower. Like I said I’m in week 5 so they the tent will be open in 2 months


I had them in the closet but they can’t fit now

My two plants grown from seed are doing just fine and are on the timeline desired but the two adopted ones are growing to talk maybe stop nutrients would help as well that would cause issues suddenly stopping?

Maybe I can just tie the top down to the trelly when I get in the tent? Just not sure I would love to know if there’s anything I can do now or don’t work I can always top and let once I get it in the tent

can I do a pre flower top way down to the middle?

Yes you can be brutal to cannabis. Its always a bit of a gamble, you will be making a major cut. Remember that deer can chew a plant almost to the vround and they will still struggle to survive. If this is a mother plant, you would be hacking arms and legs off it routinely.

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Do whats known as heading back. Cut the upper most branch off back to the trunk and remove the next one down to its first branch intersection. Leave all the growing material below that. Then after a few days to a week later reduce it even more taking branches back closer to the main stem but leaving a branch node growing. Eventually uou can reduce the secondary branches back so that the branch off them replace the secondary branch. Does this make any sense? Im not sure how to draw on this or I would.
Imagine a branch that looks like a staggered fork with the tip being the longest of the forks. If you remove that tip back to the second one. Thats heading back. You can do this on every branch to reduce the mass of the plant. When heading back you reduce branch count instead of pinching where you double branch count.

In this image you can see a branch with 3 intersections, you may choose to cut just above the lowest one and that will be just fine! Then the lower branch to the right… snip that off where the leaf is at the first node and a new branch will form there. You can do this all over the plant.

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Just what I did
I cut it in half at the node so now I have 4 tops

I’m t minus 8 days till I start harvesting my first plant so it should have a spot in the flower tent within the next few weeks

Orange cookies clone