Slow plant growth / yellowing of edges/tips

Hi, some of my wedding cakes have started yellowing around the edges and tips. Also come clawing is happening. I’m using roots organic soil mixed with natures living soil. I’m watering with tap water, and ph-ing the water around 6.3-6.5. Any take on what’s going on? Also the overall growth of the plants have slowed down. This is my first grow after a 10 year hiatus, so I’m a bit rusty. Thanks everyone.

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Welcome to the community ! Plants showing a bit of burn, also real dark green in color. My first thoughts is your soil is a little hot. I’m assuming you’re not feeding.


My plants always have a little crispy tips , it tells me to back off. More concerned about the overall color . I agree with @kellydans . A pic under natural lights or flash would help. Slow growth could be many things . A recent stress ,poor lights, or could be just growing roots. I would need more info about your grow. But overall your plants look good


Soil problems , how long in that pot ? , and watering too lil … looks to me


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Thanks everyone for the responses. What a great resource this is!! After not growing for so many years, it’s refreshing to know I have such a supporting cast in each and everyone of you !! Wish I had this 10 years ago!! I will upload a few pictures in natural light . As far as feeding, I’m only using ph’d water, around 6.3-6.5. The pants have been in those pots for a few weeks now. When I mixed the soil, I did follow the manufactures recommended amounts in regards to mixing in the super soil. I did have a lighting issue. But I just got a California light works solar system 1100, which is a huge improvement from the prior led I was using. I’m new with the led’s and the one I purchased before was cheap and made in China. I will get a ppm and ec level of the runoff on my next watering tonight or tomorrow and let you guys know. Any other info I can provide that would help me ? Once again, thanks so much for all your responses .



Sounds like a good plan, after getting your run off numbers make adjustments you should be good. Soil mixture seems to be just a little heavy on the nitrogen side. Overall plants look good.
Good luck my friend :+1::v: