Slow Plant Death Continues

Recently, I have had die back on my babies who are working their third sets of leaves. The first set is dead. As a response, I flushed the system and re did the nutes: basically the whole 10 part general hydroponic nute system slated for week two. I also keep my PH adjusted to a strict 5.9, water temp is a solid 65 with a chiller, humidity is 60% constant, and I raised the rockwool out of the pot 3 more inches so that there was an opportunity for it to dry. I am also using hydroguard. My PH, as of right now, is 5.8, my ec is 1.1, and my ppm is 501. The light is at 16 inches and 40%. The water acquired a smell twice in the grow, the first time was 5 days ago, ad a white slime was growing, I boiled, scrubbed and sanitized every component in the system. the smell vanished until this morning, where it is a lite smell, but it is there. it is similar to an established aquarium.
The roots are white and proturiding one inch from the sides of the pot.

Damage: the leaves are yellowing from the tips moving inward. The margins are still green. Brown spots are developing on the non marginal area of the leaves, ad these brown spots are dead. You can see the leaves below the currently dying ones, it is the same thing that happened to them.


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Further information: this is the end of week 2, and growth is severely stunted.

Whats ur ph of ur water

@Graysin @spyonyou tagging some hydro growers


as slow swings from 6.2 to 5.8. I will set it to 5.8 at 0500 and by 21oo its back to 6.1 or 6.2.

Are you positive your pH meter is calibrated?Are you using calmag? Looks like a little touch of a calmag issue, but not bad.
What order are you mixing the nutes
What does your roots look like?
How many gal of water is in your system?
Is it dwc, rdwc?
Are you using hydroguard?
What kind of light are you using?

Just from the picture, your plant doesn’t look too bad. Definitely some issues early on, but new growth looks pretty good.

1.1 is a little high for that stage. dosage on GH are usually a little higher than necessary. Maybe running about half that for another week or two.

Pictures of your system? We like pictures!! lol
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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By the looks of it, no. That was the first thing to pop into my mind


Either cal mag or that rooter thing you’re in. Those suck big time.

Why? I’ve never had a problem with them. Use the same size as above and once roots pop the get buried half way down a 5" net pot and backfilled with clay.
Even when I use the 4" wool cubes buried in flood tables, no problems.


I am currently using calmag
My Ph meter is absolutely calibrated, and adjusted for temp.
I add the nutes to the system as follows: FLora micro, wait 10 min, flora grow, wait 10 min, flora bloom, wait 10 min, silica, wait 10, Cal Mag, wait 10, then hydroguard and adjust ph with ph down.
My roots are white and thick.
this is a 14 gal RDWC
I am using a Mars Hydro FC6500
I am currently using week two nutes as per attached schedule.

As per suggestions I may cut nutes in half or more, doing a partial water change, and wait for 7 sets of leaves before continuing. What are your thoughts?

The rockwool cube?

Let it root then the vertical growth should take off.

You get that silica and humic acids yet?

Think gh flora series is “diamond nectar?”

I never did bucket changes as much as adding to the current mix and boosting it up over time with each top off. This way your not shocking the system as much. Let the girls go for a bit, just make sure there’s air and the ph doesn’t shoot too high, try playing with air pressure to reservoir since I’ve found that over time the off gassing will cause fluctuations in your ph

Eventually the plants will take up enough liquid over a few days you’ll just be topping off anyhow.

Yes, I am now dosing with humic acid and silica. My nute list is very long now. I took a 2 hour trip north just to get the stuff! Lol, I will let the girls sit then.
This smell is concerning, and I will continue to use H2O2 daily until It dies.

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What do you think is causing it? You said the temps are good, and roots are fine.

As long as the water doesn’t sit stagnant and you have it moving thru chiller and back to totes that should be fine.

Test water temp?

No idea. Temp is at 65. Perhaps unused nutes are feeding some kind of algae or bacteria…I dunno.

Up top says using the 10 part, reading lower down I see 3 + 3 additives.
At this stage I would dump the rez and mix micro grow and bloom to correct level and see how the plants react.

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This is the nuts schedule I’m using, plus hydroguard, and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Silica HAS to be added first. Cal mag is second, followed by everything else. FYI.

Looking at your plants they appear to have recovered from earlier issues. As to eliminating slime, your plants are all a reservoir of infection so may end up fighting it for the entire grow. Peroxide is really all you need to disinfect your system. If you want to get fancy you can use paracetic acid instead (distillers disinfectant).


I didnt know that! Time to flush and change again. Now given the chart above, is this plant in more of a week one nutrient state, or week two? More pics to follow in 2 hours.

3-4 weeks

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