Slow moving but had a pot and water issue, trying to see if she’s just going to be a slow mover or what?

I put fresh holes in my cup did the whole dryness test with weight of cup and finger poke, so I watered her about half ounce pour around stem and a few sprays, I have one big whole at the bottom of the cup, four others around the base, freshened up the soil as carefully as I could to, now I’m going to crank up the humidifier and get it to at least 65%, my concern is how small she is still, is that just going to be the norm since she didn’t almost make it in the first place? I notice the stem is small, thin, the cotyledeons are almost completely withered away which I here the plant absorbs them anywho, now I’m just wondering do I turn on my bloom switch also? I plan on leaving her alone for five days making sure the humidity is up, just concerned how small the center new leaves are.

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I don’t believe the time for the veg bloom. How far are your lites from your plants? Just be patience give your plant some time. happy growing :bat: :crazy_face:

@thecount13 about 22 inches