Slow growth on plant

A question from a fellow grower:

My setup is 300watt cfl dual spectrum
growing medium is coco coir only
Type is cherry amnesia new strain unknown genetics
Humidity 32-40% Rh night an day
Cycle 18-6 on off
No runoff haven’t watered enough to have runoff as Im afraid of overwatering
Temperature 29-32c variable
Water going in is purified via carbon filter
Ph at 5.8-6.0 going in
EC going in 1.5-1.8
Humidifier yes
Extractor fan 15w no inlet fan
No Co2 will buy Co2 bag soon.
Part of root ripped off as seedling whilst repotting :frowning: I’d imagine this is the main cause for my slow growth it’s been 3 weeks since it happened, the plant has been in the coco for 1 month now.

Ph should come down to 5.5, coco coir considered hydro, that could be a partial cause in slow growth And has she been fed yet, she may have used stored nutrients and is all used up now

Coco is almost impossible to over water and it has no nutrients in it so everything must be added things to keep in mind when transplanting plants grow faster when roots are filling pot so going from say a solo cup to 5 gal plant actually grows slower then if you went to 1 gal. In coco you are in essence growing hydro so every water plant should get some food even as a small plant 1/4 1/2 dose feedings everytime and a weekly straight ph’d water flush or water with run off 10-20%. Coco un-like soil has a nuetral ph so knowing your run off is very important since coco is in essence hydro knowing what comes out lets you know what to adjust for next watering.

your ec is fairly high too which makes for lockouts as well feed lighter trust me it will help if plant isn’t eating what you give it you are simply getting build up in your medium which locks out nutrients and slows growth since plant takes weeks to show any deficiency there will be no fast answer without checking run off.

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Thanks @Donaldj

No worries I need distractions this morning gets my mind off the money I will be asking my boss for today and the possiblity of bank saying no anyway lmao

been up every 2hrs all night stressed as hell thinking about what to say and all the next steps if bank says yes

I hear ya, it will be alright brother stay positive and keep your head up best of luck to you my friend

worst case could get a no lmao however boss is more predictable he wants leverage to keep me working for him so 12k is small price to pay for loyalty and worst case bank says no after he gives me money and he gets it back roflmao

The Cotyledon leaves ( the first 2 leaves that sprouted ) have turned yellow its time to start feeding the plant.

Take care.