Slow growth day 7 in soil Help please

Slow growth. Day 7 in soil. Natures care organic miracle grow soil. FFOF was out at the shop. Getting some tommorow. Growth seems slow. Bluberry autoflower seed.

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I’m on day 7 with mine and looks like this

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I’m growing 3 Amnesia XXL from Indian seeds Spain.

Less water right now , try to get that temp up a little more


Welcome to ILGM, @Twisted001 and @Oasis!

@Twisted001 it looks like you may be overwatering. They only need a tiny bit (teaspoons) at a time at first. You can cut the bottom off a water bottle and use is as a dome (can’t see if that’s what it’s in) over your seedling to keep the humidity up. You want the roots to reach out for the water, not sit in it.

@Oasis It’s difficult to see, but looks pretty good. It looks like it’s in a larger container to start, which is fine, but makes it even easier to over water. You want to give them just a tiny bit at a time, and in this case (small plant in a large pot) I would dribble water in a ring around the plant, a few inches out, to promote a wider root ball, and fill out that pot quicker.

Try to post photos in natural light, too. It makes it easier to see if there are any discolorations or things like that, and just overall easier to see the plants. :v:

PS - missed that, @Tinman, good catch! Yes, up closer to 80, maybe even a few degrees over, keeps seedlings happier and growing quicker.


Ok thanks for your reply,been watering ever three days or when the soil is dry on top.Been growing outdoors for years with great success but this is my second light grow,my first was over 25 years ago lol…So would appreciate as much advice possible if I run into problems…

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No worries! Indoor is definitely a different ball game, but your experience should transfer well. The best advice I can give is to read read read! You really won’t know where your struggles will be (if at all :crossed_fingers:) until you get a little further in. You can start a journal for your grow, too. Make regular updates and ask lots of questions, and you’ll be up to speed in no time at all. :+1:


Thank you

Thanks for the reply. I thought i may be overwatering a bit. Im also going to get a ph meter instead of drops and ffof .I will post more photos later. Im having trouble logging in somtimes doesnt recognize my email but did just now. So if i dont respo d promptly i apologize.

I would keep the temps in the low to mid 70s. Could be that the soil’s too wet too long, due to low temps so the roots lacking oxygen.

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No worries! Could be because you’re a new user to the site, you’re still in a probationary period. The more you read, post, reply, etc., those restrictions will be lifted, pretty quickly. Yep, you’ll probably want something to accurately measure pH, maybe TDS too. For now, just try to warm her up and let her soil dry up some, and she’ll pick up, I bet.


just let it ride and see where it leads… i have a BB auto going as well that is way slower than everything else its growing with… less than 1/2 the size and the same age but that happens sometimes with diff strains and genetics…

Thanks for the help no changes today. Soil dryed up a bit though. Temp is at 72. Humidity 60.

my BB just started growing like crazy over the past 2 days finally…

Over watered and over nuted (from the MG soil)