Slow growth bright lime green new growth

Have three plants and two smaller ones, I am on my third grow and have always used ocean forest organic. I’ve always done well with ocean forest, yield wise so I wanted to make my own organic soil I bought everything for it. Bat guano,fish bone meal, blood meal, worm casting, kelp meal, perlite epsome salt, and maybe another item or so, I later read up that organic soil needs micro organisms, are my plants doing so poor because it’s having a hard time taking up nutrients? They are all in 10 gallon smart fiber pot, Ph is always 6.3-6.7 my runoff is 6.3, I water when dirt is dry, 2 1000w g8 led in a 8x4x7 tent, temp is around 75. I recently dried em too much I think and they slowed down but that was dealt with and doubt it would cause this. one plant is not touched which is the largest, I topped one on every cola and the last plant I topped only on the very main cola. do I need to feed more nutrients during watering with all of the ingredients I added? Also my light is 3.5 ft above now because they seemed light stressed at 2, is this too much light for a 8x4?? I added cal mag to the water a couple days ago. Whenever I have topped the plants just got massive but these are very small and I topped at the 6th and 7th node. A couple leaves got light and yellow after I didint water, but then other stresses appeared. Can’t find a match online.


Also I forgot to say the tops of the leaves are looking really discolor like a lizards skin copper brown tinit, kinda weird to explain but I took a picture with light on and off because the g8 light makes it stand out more. New growth seems limp.

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@pavala 3 feet is definitely way too high

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@pavala it looks like light burn to me. 2 feet away from the plants is a bit much. Could post a picture under natural lighting?
Does it look close to this? This is my light burn.


That’s really the worst I can see, it did get light burn a bit but that was almost 10 days ago. They are still just stunted and looking under the weather

When the leaves get light burned, they never recover. @pavala depending on the severity, the leaves may even dry up and die off. @Donaldj @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 would you agree under the more natural lighting that it’s a light burn issue?

Ph would be my suspect Mag in early stages


Light burn usually bleaches leaves after a few days out of light they turn brown and crisp the first thing is always to check ph before addressing any suspect deficiency not simply to add a nutrient or jump on first thought. So light burn is usually very easy to spot only closest limbs effected but on your plant lower limbs are also yellowing :wink: Being older growth they are first to show some def.


Purple stems, interveinal chlorosis, looks 100% like a mag def

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Purple stem is the strain strawberry kush, also my ph is 6.3-6.7 runoff at 6.3. I already added cal mag. I put it all in the discription above. Plus the leaves still continued to show stress after I moved the light about a week ago. That’s why I just don’t know what to do and wondering if my soil is the issue.

Not to sound insulting or anything just curious when last you calibrated your ph meter? and by any chance are those pots sitting on a cold concrete floor? Purple stems are normal for some strains but typically don’t express themselves until mid flowering I grow Purple kush and during veg all new growth is green same with my Blueberry

I say this humbly my friend, I promise you that your purple stems are not your plants genetics.

Genetics will sometimes produce a variety of colors, but the color will be in the plants flowers, not its petioles.

Is there by chance any purple streaking up and down your stalk?

This pic is a classic mag deficiency. Now whether your PH is off or your lacking mag, that idk

Like @Donaldj said, check cal on PH meter. If calibration is good them I personally would add 200ppm of mag to every feeding

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Old post I know, but what about the purple streaks on the stalk. I’m experiencing this now

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This looks like a bug issue on those leaves

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Purple streaks are considered normal. A lot of people have them, inside and outside growing.


Thanks for the reply


Covert is right.

I will say In my years of growing that I have a tendency to get purple stalks more in my indoor plants than my outdoor plants.

I also seem to get purple stalks more from blurple lighting than white lighting.

I have no explanation for this, just something I’ve observed over time