Slow grow, can I boost it?

Questions from a fellow grower:

I purchased Super Silver Haze seeds (5 + 5) and received them promptly and with no issues, thanks to your novel packaging. I started 3 of them on 8/2 and 2 more on 8/6. All sprouted, but one did not grow. A 100% germination rate and an 80% survival rate is very good in my view. Of the 4 that survived I gave 1 away and put the other 3 in 5 gallon (23 liter) containers with a mixture of potting soil and compost from my veggie garden. The soil PH is around 6, as measured with a digital meter, and the plants are in a tent under 600 watts of LED lights. My problem is that 2 of the plants have only grown about 4 cm and the other about 7cm. The taller plant is starting to grow a little faster, but after over a month all should be bigger. My questions are:

Is feminized seed a slower grow?

Is there something that I should be doing (or not doing) to boost the growth?

Should I cut my losses at this point and start the remaining seeds?

I am not going to judge whether you cull your plants.

I will say that seedlings should not be placed in soil with compost as such a young age; It burns the roots, and can kill or severely stifle plant growth.

Seedlings should be placed in a ph 6.5 soil with no fertilizer for 3-6 weeks or until they look healthy and have over 5 sets of nice healthy alternating sets of leaf nodes

I think I may have identified a different issue. Because of my schedule, which involves a lot of travel, I am only able to check the plants about once every 10 days. To “care” for the plants while I am away I setup a system controlled by an Arduino board. The system monitors and was supposed to control soil moisture, RH, the operation of the lights and temperature. I assumed the system was working properly, but the last time I actually verified with a digital thermometer the temperature in the box was about 96. I checked the system and found that the temperature sensor was defective and was reporting a lower temp. I replaced the sensor, added a second one as a backup device and modified the system to store condition information so I can review it. Since then the temp has been in the 74 - 82 range and the plants are looking better.

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Well then, I can certainly why you had an issue. Glad you figured this out.

You talk about buying another unit as a backup. I have 3-4 temp/rh meters in my grow space. Never trust just one. I recently bought another Milwaukee PH pen to back up my 802 multi-meter.

Happy growing