Slow Germination

90% of seeds cracked when soaked in water with viable tails between 24 and 36 hours. No activity since following next step in your germination guide. it has been another 24 to 36 hrs plus since taking second step on your giude with no sign. Is this normal as you say it will be quick on website and they are getting optimum conditions?

Welcome to the party! I usually soak mine 24 hours and then put into soil. Cover with 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Give 'em about 3 days and they should pop. Mist the soil, lightly, before they pop. When they do pop, mist inside of your dome and cover. I will then mist the outside of dome to create a moisture ring around the plant. This helps with root development

Thanks mate. That’s good advice. I’m taking as much as I can get.

my process. soak seeds until they sink(filled with water), place on moist paper towel until tap root is 1/4"+ long, plant in clear plastic cup with drain holes. use another as a humidity dome. when roots crawl up sides of cup, transplant to final home. good if you can get root stimulant.

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Thanks for that. I do need to try paper towel method again I had no luck with it in past. If u can get tap roots that long in paper towel worth a go. Last time I though it was towel that buggered it up. This time i went from tap root in water soak to small pots coco/10% perlite in humidity controlled dome

Welcome to ILGM.
I soak mine in shot glasses overnight with some peroxide in the water. After 24 hours dump the water and seed ina paper towel and by the next day or so you should have a tail.
Plant that and good to go. Can go in a solo cup til leaves reach outside rim and roots stick out the bottom holes. Then to their forever pot. :v:t3:

Thanks mate cheers for info. How many ml per litre of water? What’s concentration in glass with water and hydrogen peroxide and what strength is original concentrate?

@Suckerpunch What is the purpose of the peroxide?

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I read about it somewhere. Haven’t tried it any other way and worked, had 6/6 pop this way. :v:t3:

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A very small amount of peroxide. A ml or 2 depending how big of container you use.

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It’s there to help the seed get more oxygen. The peroxide breaks down there seed coat slightly allowing more oxygen to the seed. From the web:

Recent scientific studies back up the effectiveness of chemically scarifying seeds by soaking them in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Hydrogen peroxide is thought to increase germination rates by breaking down the seed coat, thus allowing the seed to take in more oxygen. In a study reported in the journal “HortScience,” aged corn seeds (Zea mays L.) treated with a solution of 15 percent hydrogen peroxide germinated at a significantly greater percentage (nearly 95 percent) than seeds treated with aerated water but no hydrogen peroxide (67 percent germination rate). In addition, oxygen consumption rates of seeds soaked for 24 hours in the hydrogen peroxide solution were approximately twice as high as seeds soaked in aerated water for the same time.

Help Your Seeds Breathe
It’s easy to improve your at-home germination rates by using hydrogen peroxide in your pre-planting routine. Simply add 1 ounce of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide to 1 pint of water; choose one of the following three methods. One, soak your seeds for 18 to 24 hours, rinse and plant. Two, place your seeds on a length of paper towels, use a mister filled with the hydrogen peroxide-water solution to thoroughly dampen (but not soak) the towels and the seeds, then roll up the towels loosely or simply fold them over so that all sides of the seeds are in contact with moist paper towel. Mist them lightly each day (or when the towel dries out) and plant them when sprouts emerge. Three, just rinse your seeds with the solution, then plant.

Found this by searching this forum.


Thankyou very much for that. Is some great information there. Ill get into that reading after work. Thanks again.