Slow and poor growth

After a very hot windy summer with temps reaching 36-38C this is how my plant looks like. It began to flower late August.

I will appreciate an opinion.

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Better start looking at the trichromeswith a jeweler loupe. The pistils have lost their white color and now a brown/amber color. You probably don’t have long to go.

I’m guessing less than a week but I’m no expert yet. :+1::+1::+1:

@simonpi Could you take a picture of the entire plant please is it indoor now or still outdoors ?

This is how the plant looked yesterday. That’s ⅔ of its height, it is in a pot which i keep on my balcony and often bring it indoors if the wind is severe. It has dropped lots of leaves during the last month which turned yellow first with brown tips. I am not over-fertilizing it or the opposite, nor am I over-watering it. I believe it was this crazy summer this year, previous years (and I have been doing this for more 25 years) were mild and i got very good stuff. I usually grow about 3-4 plants, no more. I have never seen a plant dry up like that before

Have done that with the loupe. Yes, the amber/brown color is advancing too fast every day. I was thinking of cutting it this weekend. Thanks for your reply.