Slooooow growth!

hi all , last year,on the fourth of december i germinated a few seeds and planted them ,put them under lights ,however due to a waggy tailed staffy and a rather clumsy wife only 2 survived ,they were 00 cheese and have reached a height of 1.8 ,getting too big for my light system ,and have just began to " vegitate" i think ,first time buyer, so a little advice please ! can i take them out of the light cave ,and make room for the second wave ,already snapping at mary and jane’s roots ,all advice taken on board ,

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Well that babys in flower not veg state. Autos usually get about 3 to 4 feet tall at most unless they havnt had good light source and stretch then they can become tall and lanky. How long is it since the plant popped out if the soil??

i would say 10 th dec last year ,but due to an error about overwatering ,i’d kept the ammount really sort of low ,once i overcame the problem and gave them the correct ammount they shot up a good bit around the end of january ,and what you see in the pics is today ,already 1.8 which you say is tall for them ,so would you say i should do now

1.8 what? Feet? Meters? 1 foot 8 inches?

made a mistake ,second time this week ,ugh ! ok been corrected by the oh ,between 3 and 4 ft feet ,about 42 inches

Looks like light issues

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