SLOOOOOOW GROW - newbie - coir - tent

I bought ILGM autoflower set (blueberry, amnesia haze, northern lights) last fall. We started the seeds soaking and then placed in small coco coir pots filled with coir and perlite when their taproots popped out. After roots started to show through small pot, entire pot was planted in 5gallon fabric pot with coir and perlite.
The seeds were started the week after the elections (2nd week of Nov) and we just now harvested! What the…??? Over 4 months?

NOW, I just started our second batch and the tap roots popped out, but didn’t grow longer. I had them in water and then in wet paper towels for a total of one week. Put them in the small pots and now, 5 days later, nothing. We carefully dug around and found the seeds, taproots gone.

Grew setup -
2x4 Spider Farmer tent
SF2000 light + SF1000 added when plants got bushy
Coco coir + perlite
Hand watering (plants on angled table to aid runoff)
CANNA Coco nutrients used
3 plants in 5 Gal fabric bags
18/6 lighting schedule


Rule of thumb. Place seeds in water for 18 to 24 hrs. Then transfer to damp toilet paper or paper towel. Let sit for 48 hours. Damp before the paper dries out. You can place it in a ziplock baggy to help contain the moisture. But still check to see if it dries out. Easy way to kill a seed when dried.

Place in soil or whatever you are using and go from there.

I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide and water mixture and I didn’t see any improved results germinating seeds.

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Oh, I DID do the soak and then paper towel process as described. I didn’t state that in my OP. My bad.
Going to put 3 more seeds in water today…

If your second batch was ILGM seeds you may be able to get them replaced.

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Make sure when u transplant not to harm any roots. It will slow down a plant massivly. Thats only time i ever run into problems is root balls falling apart some and roots being harmed. Now i wait til i know and i see the roots thru the cups

I plant the entire coco coir pot with the plant in it.

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Try to plant the taprooted seed as soon as it has a 0.4inch root directly into its final pot…

Autoflowering has no time to recover from transplants or any major shock…

You may want to cut some vertical slices in pot if planting with the pot intact.

Many of us use a Solo cup with a bunch of holes melted in it and a clear one for a dome: once sprouts are established in that, they are potted up into their final homes. Coco/perlite is ideal. I like to use R/O or distilled water early on as it doesn’t need to be PH’ed.

Do you have a decent PH and TDS meter? This is the most-used tool I own simply because you are supplementing with synthetic salts and is really necessary to keep beneficial amounts of salts in the root zone.


Ok next time if u didnt rip or cut the netting on the cube before u plant in the final home. Sometimes the netting dont degrade like it should and hold back the roots. Could be a possibility. Soil light nutes alot to play the roll how many times it got stressed.

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If you are doing your seedlings in coco you need to be aggressive with the watering. Water at least once a day and water until you get a little runoff (assuming starting in small pots). You also need to have a mild nutrient in the waterings.

If you treat coco like soil and only water every 3-4 days or just water a little bit, or hope the the growing medium has nutrients you will kill your plant.