Slits in leaves

Hey everyone new grower in need of help. Had a spider mites problem about 3 weeks ago. Treated plants with neem oil. Haven’t seen any spider mites lately. But have slits on leaves,

only on 2 plants out of 4 in the tent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Probably just old damage drying up so it shows now. I would treat them at least once more just to be sure or even if just for prevention

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Man some one had this issue… @Nicky who was that and what did it end up being same markings on leaves that looked mechanical like wind damage or rub burn

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Someone had a fan damaging the leaves on one side of their plant, obvious because the pictures showed the fan close to the damaged leaves. I cant remember who though. I think it does look like rubbing, but it’s hard to say without a picture of the whole plant. Is it on several places or just one leaf?

I guess it could also be damage from the mites that is just showing up now. I cant really speak on that, I’ve never had them or seen them on anyone plants in person

Mites leave speckles of white where chlorophyll is sucked out the leaves halting photosynthesis… they keep going dropping fan leaves till it can’t survive

They never replied back lol but we did all agree it was from the fan making leafs blowing and russling against each other.

Thanks for the reply. Was gonna treat them 1 or 2 times before I flip the time on them. I do got some fans in tent going. Could that be the cause? Here’s what the set up looks like and a pic from 2 weeks ago with mites.

Is that a hlg 650?

Yes it is. Figured go big or stay home. For my 1st indoor grow.


Nice choice

The fans do look alittle close to the plants. Are the plants closest to the fans the ones you are finding the damage on? If it were me, I’d try turning the fans on the lowest setting, and/or adjust your fans so that they are blowing along the top of the canopy, not directly at the plants. You could also try raising them up so to give you some distance from the plants. Either way, if you move them around or change the settings, monitor your environment closely after because there’s a chance it could have an effect on your canopy temps, humidity, etc. I’d hate to advise you to make a change and create another issue.

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That is a reason I like to have 2 fans no matter the size of the space… ones disrupting heat that rises and the other is blowing through the canopy… main reason for air flow is to avoid stagnant air allowing mold …its primary function is not cooling but circulation

I like to blow one really right next to my lights… each fixture gets a directional fan that blows over the diodes (led) and the heatsinks fins

see at the top of pic the fan next to the lights it keeps the fixture from getting hot making heat bubble on top of the lights usually without circulation u will be 10 to 20 degrees hotter above your lights quick… and that heat will begin to creep around the tent quick I had 4 box fans for 4 lights one blowing cold air sucked from other rooms ac ever 30 mins for a 15 minute blast of a 4inch inline hurtlricane and I had another 4inch sucking from the top through carbon filter and out a dryer vent … no air leaks no light leaks ducted through the walls spray foam sealed just ventilation and climate controll
6 box fans
2 6500 but ac
2 4in hurricane inline fans
40 feet of 4 in ducting
2 bottles of spray foam
1 carbon filter
About 6 - 700$ just ventilation and I did it the cheap way you can’t go light on anything …the stronger your lights the more climate controll you need to combat space heat


Spray spray spray we dont like to but its necessary. Always in the dark i like to about 2 hrs before lights go on. Good luck. Triple action neem i used. After that i made sure I had adequate airflow @Njar

My ac was blowing under the scrogs and there was another fan blowing through the racks … air movement is key along with evacuation of old air fresh air is very vmbeccesarry but you dont want to blast your plants constantly … oscillating fans are beneficial to this instance you will not be annihilating one plant … blowing the tops are helpful it helps plants strengthen stems

Thanks for all the great info. Yes the ants closest to the fans are the ones that are affected. I usually spray about 10 min before lights out. Is that an issue? The fans are oscillating. Looks like I’ll need to raise them some and change speed setting.

Naw spraying can be an issue if you let water droplets sit on leaves with lights on they are like lil magnifying glasses burning holes in leaves