Slightly underwatered seedling?


Just one of them. I was starting a 3 day watering schedule of 15 ml. Seems to be too sparse for this one, so I just watered it another 15ml todayday after the previous watering because it’s leaves looked droopy. Cup is well ventilated so I will check later.


Looks like classic underwatering right? @Majiktoker @garrigan62


I can’t really see the soil sounds to me like shes over watered is her cup light or heavy


Ok I’ll check. I can’t see how it could be over watering because I actually just started longer intervals between watering with the same amount of water in each session. I will see if a few hours changes anything and report back thanks @Majiktoker


Hm ok longer intervals that’s helpful information lol, then yes likely it is underwatered, my apologies for my confusion



You actually should unstake those babies…
That will cause the stems to remain weak.

Just press them an 1" or so deeper into their cup, and add some fresh dry soil.
This will also encourage new root growth where the soils touching the stem.

Also, water them around the outside edges of the cup. This will encourage roots to grow outward instead of downward.


Thanks boss! @Traumamedic. Stakes aren’t doing much because of the fan it’s standing on its own but the watering style you mention is something i need to do. Thanks again.


Just FYI
Roots grow out and down the feeder roots grow out about 1 to 2 inches below soil and tap root grows down
But yes watering from edges does encourage outward growth :+1::grin:


Was underwatered. Doing great now! Thanks



Both underwatering and overwatering look the same only you can tell us what you gave her.
and i mite say she needs to be transplanted to a larger pot and bury that stem. when you bury the stem she will grow more roots and become stronger ok



Thanks man @garrigan62


your welcome my friend