Slightly compress buds

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question. Do the pros slightly compress buds after trimming sugar leaves to cure?? Thank you.

I would say it happens. It’s important to remember that every garden is different. A lot of commercial growers use commercial trimmers, which make for a more general surface on the bud; …a lot of bud, as it builds up. With all that bud, comes the weight on top of itself. The combination of the two is probably what your noticing.

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Yes ! the less one handles "buds’ the better one is. always take care


Actually, the pros try to avoid any touching or compressing of the buds, during or after trimming.

The only ones that intentionally compress the buds are illegal smugglers, especially from Mexico, hence the name “brick weed”. Of course the smugglers do this so they can cram as much bud into as small of a space to try and get as much as they can past the border in their smuggling runs.

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