Slight yellowing at tips of bottom leaves

I noticed 1 or 2 bottom leaves of my girls have yellowing at just the tips. A tiny bit of yellow. Even hard to see in the pics. Is this normal or do I need to make any moves, or am I just being paranoid. I just want to make sure they’re healthy.

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Is it possible you could take pictures of the leaves affected? My plant showed a similar issue but it isn’t as far along as yours.

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Your plants look healthy, bottom leafs often die as they are old and sometimes don’t get the same amount of light. Nothing to worry about right now.

Ok cool! Should I remove them or let them be. Their not too bushy so I wasn’t planning on any defoliation but am i good to clip those leaves or just -leave- them. Lol

Just leaf them. The plant will use what it can out of them and they will eventually fall off.

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Ok awesome, thank you for the help!