Slight case of nutrient burn on last feeding; question about flushing


So I have a quick question, this was my last feeding and maybe I fed a little bit too much because my plant has a tiny case of nutrient burn…
It’s not bad at all, but I’m just wondering when I flush it should I wait until it’s dried out or should I immediately get water through the soil to cure the nutrient burn…?


Very minor I would just use ph’d water next watering not even flush


Okay thank you :slight_smile:


Agree, too close to harvest too worry about it now. pH water and allow it to run out the bottom 10-20 % unless you are hydro of course. That should bring you home ! This system of watering/feeding with runoff every time almost eliminates the need for final flushing I have been told. I have used it since day 1 on this grow and it has reaped benefits all ready ! Big healthy plants !