SLH issues outdoor

Hey guys, Can anyone possibly explain to me what’s happening? I’ve planted these seeds from the first of November. It’s been well over a month and this is all that’s happened. All

three of them. I never transplanted or anything.

Super Lemon Skunk feminized.

The holes are from the Blumat watering devices.

Hard to tell from the photos, but they look hungry. The soil looks really wet too. What’s your watering schedule like?

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I water once a day of it doesn’t rain. The soil top usually looks wet because of the morning dew.

They don’t need to be watered every day at that size. Try to use the weight of the pot. But at that size, they only need about ½ cup every 2, maybe 3, days. Also, depending on what region you’re in, they may not be getting enough light. It’s pretty late in the year in most areas of the states for outdoor growing.


Good Morning @Chicharney I have to agree with @Borderryan. They look too wet. Let them dry between watering and they should go to growing. Happy growing :blush::v:

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Suggest letting the soil dry out between waterings. Cannabis likes wet/dry cycles. Overwatering is a common cause of problems with seedlings due to damping off (root rot.)

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