Sledgehammer and ppm


@Sasquatch awesome
Oh yeah keep a eye on them like you said and I would recheck ph next time you water of feed just to be sure your good your good you ran a lot of water threw them at least I would
I think you’ll definitely need to feed them once they dry out ppm are super low essentially non existent lol
Keep me posted


So I have 5 plants in 3 7 gal fabric pots. The one that’s alone has been getting the Fox Farms trio nutes since some time in March. So 4 to 5 months with no problem! (The others are younger, and have received nutes for only 3 months.) In fact I was gone for a time and just had friends water with hose water . . . all the plants were a bit yellowed on the bottom leaves when I got back, but immediately jumped back with the FF. I typically feed twice a week, and it’s clear to me that they love it – they look their very best after the feedings.

So I’m worried that the worm will turn. Sledgehammer is inexpensive; maybe I’ll go ahead and buy some, just to have it standing by. How much Sledgehammer do you need for three 7 gallon pots?


@arpeggio it only calls for 1tsp per gallon. Im a little heavy handed on the nutes so now I got to fix it. If I had been using this stuff like it says I probably wouldn’t have this problem


Although they do say to flush . . .

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Thanks @arpeggio
What I was told is if your using FF from beginning to end you need to use sledgehammer. they told me they know it can cause a build up and its needed to keep it down. With that said they are in the business to sell you fertilizer. But I do have this problem and we shall see if it fixes it .


@arpeggio @Countryboyjvd1971 a little update on the sledgehammer.
Ifed my girls this morning. 1st water since I used the sledgehammer on them 2 days ago. H20 with nutes going in 6.7 - 6.9 run off was 6.3 -6.6.
The worst off plant got 6.8 in and run off was 6.3! I’m extremely pleased with that stuff. I’m going to keep a close eye on them for the next few weeks. Going to do some spot checks on my run off over the next week.

my PPM was 550 to 625 So does this stuff work? Id say hell yea!!


That sounds like it did the trick.


Nice brother glad to hear it just catching up on my threads fri over the weekend was a busy one for me @Sasquatch keep me posted :+1:


Don’t use it for flush either just use it for maintenance as the chart shows.


I am using it this morning, and was being proactive and reading some first. I like the oil change reference.

The flush before flower just makes sense, from a growing standpoint.
The scheduled one between week 7 & 8 curiously has exactly the same nutrients and dose for week 7 & 8, which tells me that it is routine maintenance.

With the exception of week 1 of veg, I have been using the FF nutes as directed (trio and the crystals) at full strength and had no problems. I think that the regularly scheduled flushes must have been tested at the ‘factory’ before they marketed it and told you how to use it.

my $.02 US


@Countryboyjvd1971 That said, I used the ‘water only’ feeding between week 7 and 8 as the flush. I am starting to see leaf-raising, but slower than usual (I stole all their nutes), so when should I feed next?