Skywalker og plants look different

From a fellow grower: I use nothing but Fox Farms products,
But 1 skywalker og plant has rock hard lollipop buds, not much smell yet, and the other has much more slender buds, and is really smelling great . Different shades of green, I know it’s hard to tell that by the pics.


If u can get pics without the light on just the flash would be alot better to see whats going on. The lights change everything

As @Mark0427 pointed out it’s difficult to tell with your lighting turned on. But the one thing I’m seeing is some possible foxtailing. That by itself will make a difference in appearance. As long as there’s no deficiencies going or other specific issues ,then the difference is probably just genetics.
I believe that you can see some foxtailing here


My skywalker’s are doing the same thing ,some big and bushy and some stunted on me, wonder if it’s just the strain, but I’m excited to see any skywalker grow