Skywalker OG outdoor


The h2o2 bath worked great. I ran a few small test batches before doing it all. No issues at all - seemed to dry the same, no taste difference, no issues with damage to the trichromes.

I left the buds in the h2o2 for 3-5 minutes. I shook them around a bit then dropped them in a clean water rinse bucket for the same time before shaking them and hanging them up with a fan blowing on them.

The rinse knocked a lot of dirt off my plants. It had been pretty windy so there was more dirt than I expected on them.


Sorry more questions…

Do you have a ratio for the H2O2?
I’m assuming it was mixed with water?
Did you pH balance anything here?
Also did you do a water rinse before the H2O2?


I used 6-8oz of peroxide to about 4 1/2 gallons of water. I did not rinse it before putting it in the h2o2 bath nor did I PH the water. I didn’t see anything about that in any of the materials I read or watched.

After seeing the dirt and other stuff that came off the plants, I can see why folks wash their outdoor grow.


Check out the video in this thread.


Looks like the first set of tops I cut last week are going to amount to about 6 oz. looking good so far!!!


I bet those budz are going to taste amaze balls!


Yep, I tried a few dried non-cured buds and it was great.


nothing in the world like tasting your own grow! I bet your friends are going to be stoked!


My friends are, I always grow more than I need and give it to them.


I also did the H2O2 bath, same ratio as you. A clean 5-gallon bucket, dumped a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in, and topped with water. Another clean 5-gallon bucket of pure water.

Washing OG Kush was resulting in nothing but trim leaf bits in the water, so I stopped halfway through. GSC I didn’t skip because there were spots of bud rot and I just wanted to have things as clean as possible.

Your grow looks great. I understand about the weather; things have certainly changed a bit. And I’m north and inland from you, where it’s drier and warmer - yet I’m still pretty worried about my last plants. Keep vigilant!


Yeah, I’ve still got 3 going. Been a good harvest so far this year even with the issues.


Chopped some more down. Looks like I’ll get just under a 1lb from two plants. Not bad considering I started them a month later than I wanted. One more small skywalker girl to go, but it looks like I’ll get just a couple ounces from her.