Skywalker OG outdoor


I got the 4G from a dispensary in California.


What does it smell like


Smells like pine and turpentine - very nice and clean, at least that’s my opinion. :grinning:


Took a couple pics this morning. It’s been really windy here and I’m starting to find caterpillars in some of my other plants so I sprayed BT. It’s the first time I’ve used this so I think I’m going to wash the buds for the first time this year as well.

She’s starting to fill out, looks to have another 3-4 weeks left. Top cola is about 2 feet in length.

Here is the fim’d plant. The 5 tops are about 7-8 inches long so far, looking really nice. Lots of white pistils, I’m hoping it’s going to pack some weight on now.